Izvestiya of Saratov University.
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ISSN 2542-1948 (Online)


The Characteristics of Pedagogical Innovations

The article covers the essence of pedagogical innovations, the system of traditional and innovative education. It analyses pedagogical approaches to implication of innovative pedagogical activities in teaching practice.

Non-Verbal Components of a Speech Etiquette as PsychoPedagogical Research Phenomenon

The article is devoted to the problem of non-verbal components of a speech etiquette, which are examined in psycho-pedago-gical research
works. The essential characteristics of the given speech etiquette components are represented. Different non-verbal kinds of
communication and their usage within the speech etiquette standards are revealed. 

Definition, Structure and General Characteristics of Legal Culture

The author analyzed the definition of legal culture due to the leading specialists’ minds. There had been represented the structure of legal culture. 

Pedagogical Conditions of Formation of Cross-Cultural Value Orientations

The article covers pedagogical conditions necessary for successful formation of cross-cultural value orientations of students.


The Problem of Ecological Responsibility Formation of the Military Men

The author analyzed the main legal acts that regulates the state policy in the field of ecological education. There had been
represented the problem of military men’s ecological responsibility formation under the conditions of developing ecological education in
Russia nowadays. 

Role of Modern Computerized Technologies in Preparation of the Future Logistics Officers for Foreign Language Communication

At present time the most important question of foreign language teaching is developing of the future logistics officers communicative skills for speaking and communicating foreign language fluently and correctly. New computerized technologies and multimedia means promote perfection of educational process of foreign language learning.

Organization of the Professional Cadets Training Control in the Military Institutes of Higher Education

The article describes the definition of control and reveals the methods of different control forms organization, that are used to check up cadets knowledge in the Saratov Military Institute for the Internal Troops of the Ministry of the Interior of the Russian Federation. Also the unified grade criteria are represented

Management Culture of a Military Specialist

The article deals with the characteristics of management culture, the analysis of concepts and scientific approaches to its study. The essence of management culture of a military specialist has been described. Values of management culture are marked, and also the aspects of this culture as creative process.