Formation of positive motivation in teaching conservatory students through Enlightening projects

Introduction. The problem of teaching motivation is a key one in psychological and pedagogical science. Positive motivation determines the trajectory of a student’s development throughout the entire educational activity. If students lack cognitive interests, motives to learn, develop, and improve then in the future it is difficult for such young people to become competitive specialists. Theoretical analysis.

Principles of the evolutionary modelling in the research of the development of professional education

Introduction. Modelling is an important step in the analysis of a complex system functioning. It allows to define how the elements of the system are joined together, how they function; and to plan the directions of their development in the future. Traditionally two types of modelling are used in pedagogical research, verbal and conceptual ones. The former is the verbal expression of the ideas; the latter is their graphical mapping.

Model of cultivating patriotism in adolescents and "generation Z" youth using the resource of juvenile media

Introduction. The conducted research is aimed at identifying the methodological foundations, content, methods and mechanisms for organizing the patriotic education in adolescents and "Z generation" youth. The article defines the essential characteristics of the education processes and creation of juvenile media, and substantiates the possibility and potential of integrating these processes. Theoretical analysis.

Directions of parental education of children in the legacy of the Russian enlighteners of the XVIII century

Introduction. The article analyzes the pedagogical ideas that appeared in Russia in the second half of the XVIII century, which led to the creation of different ideas about the essence of raising children in the family. The scientific problem of the study proceeds from the need to determine the features of parental education in the pedagogical heritage of the Russian Enlightenment. The purpose of the study is to study the essence of parental education in the works of representatives of different pedagogical directions of the specified period. Theoretical analysis.

The Basic Directions of Perfecting the System of Education in Russia

The article analyses the tendencies of modernization and development of the system of education in Russia in connection to the world experience.

Multilevel Art Education and Management of its Quality in the Conditions of National Research University

Article is devoted to problems of multilevel art education and management of its quality in the conditions of the national research university allowing equally effectively to carry out activity on the basis of principles of integration of science and education. Quality management is a basis of vocational training of graduates which is an indispensable condition of modernization of all education system.

The Model of Formation of Readiness of a Future Math Teacher to the Realization of Additional Math Education of Pupils

The article deals with one of the guestions, concerning with the problem of formation of readiness of a future math teacher to the realization of additional math education of pupils – the model of formation of readiness.

Pedagogical Potential and Perspectives of Two Level System of Education in High School

The article covers the issues of high school pedagogical potential and the vectors of their realization in conditions of two level educations.

Amateur Theatre and Its Role in the Language Development of the Military Schools' Cadets. Historic Aspect

The article is devoted to amateur theatre as one of the factors that contributed to the high level of linguistic development of the military schools' cadets in Russia. Many of the military education ideologists were convinced that theatre influences on the development and improvement of the speech abilities of an individual expanding the ways of its manifestation and self-realization. Both in the metropolitan and provincial military schools and academies were created conditions for development of amateur theatres.

Responsibility Problem in Activity Administrative Shots

The article is devoted consideration of theoretical aspects of a problem responsibility in activity of administrative staff. The essence analysis is carried out concept «responsibility» which basis on maintenance and structure of this phenomenon are defined.