Practice-oriented model of forming abnotivity in students of the college of arts

The article discusses a current issue of college of arts students' readiness for the professional work with gifted children. The article outlines a range of problems of gifted students in the field of music education, including difficulties in adapting to traditional teaching methods, emotional vulnerability, difficulties in communication and mutual understanding of the child with peers, and other peculiarities of the psyche.

Professional support of the family bringing up the child with OVZ (the case of children with hearing impairment)

In the modern Russian education system, there are a number of discrepancies, when at the legislative level the rights of a child with disabilities to study in the environment of normatively developing peers are recognized, but at the educational level the educational process remains unchanged, and therefore the professional activity of teachers requires deep rethinking. At the center of this discrepancy is the family of a child with disabilities, which is disoriented in the social situation, moral categories and personal values.

Responsibility as a quality of personality: Essence, formation, significance

The article discusses the significance of responsibility in providing safety of the environment surrounding the person. The problem is caused by the contradiction between the human need for security and impossibility in many cases to satisfy it because of inadequate fulfilment of the duties by employees. The purpose of the article is to outline the ways of solving this contradiction by pedagogical means. The methodological basis of the research is systematic, activity-based, and subject-subject approaches.

Transformation of education: Possible perspectives

In the light of the growing technological revolution, the question of the viability of traditional education has become more acute. They try to persuade the proponents of digital transformation that it is inefficient in the new conditions. Schools and universities are intimidated by the generation Z which is "non-compliant" with standard approaches. They spend most of their free time online, have a clip way of thinking and are unable to concentrate their attention on something for a long time. Opponents of digitalization try to protect teenagers from unlimited use of gadgets.

Content of training in cross-cultural interaction of post-graduate law students by means of the English language

The article is devoted to the problem of education content that is significant for modern pedagogical theory. It is written using teaching English to postgraduate students at Saratov State Law Academy as an example. A foreign language for postgraduate students in higher education institutions has always been associated with the postgraduate students’ major in which they carried out scientific research.

Assessment of Loss of Practical Skills by Cadets in Rescue Operations and Methods of Their Recovery

The article deals with the training of cadets in educational institutions of The State Fire Service of EMERCOM of Russia in the field of rescue and fire fighting. For the first time the attention is focused on the problem connected with gradual loss by the final year of professionally-applied skills and physical and psychological qualities which cadets acquire while studying the course "Fire Drill" which forms basic skills of firefighters' work in the first and second years.

Technologies of Teaching Academic Writing in English (The Case Study of Personal Statement)

Introduction. Developing academic communication skills is one the priorities in English language learning and teaching at universities. The process involves a comprehensive study into various genres of academic discourse. Written genres are of utmost importance since the greater part of academic communication takes place in a written form. Objective. The paper is aimed at describing the algorithm of teaching how to write a personal statement in English. Results.

Academization of an Individual in Musical Education

Academization of art is based on the evolution of thinking and artistic creativity of mankind, which allows considering this process as a global one, both temporally and spatially. However, in musical educational establishments in the process of future musicians training, thinking and creativity of each student is academized separately, which allows us to talk about individual academization. In this aspect, academization is studied for the first time.

Supporting Innovative Activities of College Teachers

The article substantiates the urgency of supporting innovative activities development by secondary vocational education workers. The study is aimed at finding the causes of difficulties and justifying the support of innovative activities of teachers. Its purpose is also to determine the conditions and stages, and to identify the means of support. The scientific novelty of the article lies in the fact that a complex of organizational and pedagogical conditions that provide support for innovative activities is highlighted.

Propaedeutic Course of Deontology in Teaching Russian as a Foreign Language in Medical University: Perspective of Study Manual

The article proposes the idea of methodical and didactic materials for the development and introduction of a two semester course of propaedeutic discipline “Introduction to deontology (the linguistic aspect)”, which includes topics related to speech culture and rhetoric and realized in the following main topics: “Business ethics in the doctor”, “Culture of scientific and professional speech”, “Good speech”, “Stylistic synonyms in the speech of the physician”, “Medical rhetoric in practical and scientific activity of the doctor”, “Communicative competence of the doctor”, “Speech strategies a