E. Demolins' concept of pedagogy in the context of the reform movement “New Education”

Introduction. The dispersion of didactic systems, the abundance of which is present in the modern world, prompts us to make some demarcation of these phenomena by analyzing a separate theory – natural education, using the example of the school (de)-Roche [fr. L’Ecole des Roches] of Edmond Demolins [fr. Edmond Demolins]. Theoretical analysis of the conducted research is based on the works of foreign and domestic scientists, mainly on the work «The Elementary School Teacher» by Edmond Demolins.

Humanization of the continuity of modern society social reorganization on the basis of the idea of recreating the USSR in the students' mind

Introduction. The relevance of the problem of humanizing the continuity of the social reorganization of modern society on the basis of the idea of recreating the USSR in students' mind is due to rapid changes in the political climate and many challenges of our time that require prompt and immediate solutions. Theoretical analysis. The purpose of the article is to reveal the process of updating the worldview of students on the basis of humanistic identification in the process of interaction of the social progress and regression.

Discussion competence in the structure of modern engineer training

Introduction. In the course of the study we have identified a contradiction consisting, on the one hand, in the increased requirements to the level of communicative training of technical specialists in post-industrial society. On the other hand, there is an almost complete lack of research on the problem of forming a discussion competence of future engineers. Based on the abovementioned, the author has formulated the goal of this paper.

Formation of the communicative competence of Russian and foreign electrical students during the socio-cultural project

Introduction. The problem of the formation of communicative competence among Russian and foreign students in the classroom in a foreign language requires the introduction of an integrated approach to learning. Such an innovative form of education as a project, namely, a socio-cultural project that includes professional tests, provides an opportunity for intercultural mutual enrichment and the use of language knowledge in everyday and professional communication.

Humor as an effective tool for teaching a foreign language at the university

Introduction. The need for research is due to the deterioration of the psychological well-being of students in the conditions of periodic introduction of self-isolation and distance learning. Teachers of higher education point out that, even after returning to the traditional format of education, many students continue to experience anxiety and tension, especially when performing tasks aimed at teaching oral foreign language speech. To ease such tension and overcome the difficulties caused by it, it is necessary to use various forms of humor in the learning process.

Formation of ecological culture in the context of multicultural interaction

Introduction. The formation of the ecological culture of the individual in the modern world is being updated due to the need to prepare a modern young person for adequate behavior in an environmental crisis and an increase in involvement in the global world. The goal is to reveal the features of the ecological culture formation in school students, taking into account the ethno-cultural component in the conditions of multi-ethnic education. Theoretical analysis.

Parentbehavior styles in the process of internet use by primary school children

Introduction. Due to the progressive increase in the use of the Internet by children at home, the participation of their parents in this process is important. Theoretical analysis. This article presents the materials of domestic and foreign researchers on the interaction of parents and children in the process of using the Internet by primary school students. The term “parental behavior style” is being formed, which includes two main aspects: the degree of parental involvement in the process itself (“parental warmth”) and the degree of their control.

Developing potential of undergraduates‘ research work organization: Experience of systemic reflection

Introduction. The modern stage of education development brings to the fore an individual approach to students, which, of course, is facilitated by the organization of their project and research activities. The relevance of research activities is obvious, because it aims to acquire students’ functional research skills as a universal way of mastering reality.

Prospects for Improving of the Methodical Training of the Bachelors and Masters in the Area of Geographical Education

The author considered one of the most promising forms of networking, providing improved methodology of bachelor’s and master’s degrees in the area of geographical education – the education cluster.