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The Self-reference Words as an Indicator of the Lying/True Written Message

The article is devoted to identification of markers of lying and truth in written text messages. The author discusses the main directions of studies of lying written text and emphasizes that this problem is poorly researched in Russia. The foreign researchers look into descriptors of the lie in the speech and ones of nonverbal signs of the deception. It shows that usage of the self-reference word as a index of lying/true message. The article gives results of the first stage of the research. The aim of the stage is verification of a hypothesis.

Methods of Managerial Team Sotering: Soteriogical Game «The Way of Hero» (Case Analysis)

This article presents experience of design, arrange and discussion of the soteriogical game «Way of Hero» as an element of the order training. The soteriogical game is one of the methods that is included into the order technology of organizational culture change. This case demonstrates potential for use of this method for diagnostics and change of ethic and semantic system of management team.

Functional Characteristics of the Integral Individuality of Students in the Context of Potentially Conflicting Interactions

The article presents the results of an empirical study, the purpose of which is to study individual differences in the manifestation of functional features of the integral individuality in students in the implementation of interaction in a frustrating situation, considered as potentially conflictual. On the basis of the conducted statistical research, significant differences in the manifestation of the functional characteristics of a personality are revealed, depending on the subjective idea of one’s own communicative effectiveness.

Specifics of Integration of Characteristics of Social Cognition in Dichotomy Space «Domination–Obedience» of Students

These article present results of a survey the purpose of which was studying of specifics of characteristics integration of social knowledge of dichotomy space «domination-obedience» at students are presented in article. 125 persons who are students of the first courses Saratov State University named after N. G. Chernyshevsky have participated in the research. The author used techniques of both the Russian, and foreign authors, in particular, techniques are used: J. Duсkitt's directed to a research of social beliefs, J.

Pecularities of Social-psychological and Individual Adaptational Characteristics of Personality of Halflings of Different Subcultures

The paper is devoted to the problem of social-psychological and individual components of the adaptational readiness of personality of halflings from the view point of the influence to it of nowadays youth subcultures. Modern approaches to the phenomena of social-psychological adaptation and adaptational readiness of personality are considered. An analysis of the characteristics of peculiarities of personality by examples of halflings of different subcultures, namely, of halflings-gamers, football fans and of belonging to anorexia, is given.

Sense-making Work Motives of Women and Men

The results of empirical investigation of peculiarities of sense-making motives and meaningful orientation of labor activity of women (n = 67; 19–59 years old) and men (n = 67; 18–57 years old), which has been conducted with the use of «Vocabulary» psychodiagnostic methodics, are provided. Non-parametric U Mann–Whitney test and cluster analysis were utilized for the data processing. It is stated, that there are differences between women and men in realization of the following sense-making work motives: utility, cooperation, competition, achievement.

Social Practicians of Criminal Domination: Features of Involvement of the Personality in Criminal Activity

The article shows that under the conditions of a transforming society, social instability in Russian society, deviant social practices are expanding. It is emphasized that in parallel with these new opportunities for the individual in terms of antisocial and antisocial ways of self-realization. The relevance of the research is revealed in connection with the emergence of new social determinants of involving the individual in criminal activity. It is emphasized that social practices of criminal domination are a particular danger.

Value Factors of Readiness to Change in Duty Status in Military Personnel at Different Stages of Army Socialization

The article presents the relevance of the study of the value determination of military personnel readiness to change in duty status. 226 men which divided into 4 subsamples: the average age of which was 18,1 ± 0,4 (freshmen), 20,1 ± 0,51 (third year), 21,9 ± 0,9 (final course) , 34,1 ± 5,3 (active officers) involved in the study. The portrait questionnaire of Schwartz values, the method «Personality readiness for change», original scales of readiness to change the service situation of military men are used.

The Study of Modern Buddhists’ Cognitive Openness

In the (present) article we describe the empirical study results of modern Russian Buddhists’ cognitive openness. Cognitive closure is considered as a mental process which allows making a clear choice, cutting off unnecessary, contradicting and distracting information. Cognitive closure has its opposition – cognitive openness. It is an ability to accept new various information that can be also contradictory; to integrate opposing points of view and to find compromises. We have used The Need for Closure Scale, a method elaborated by A. W.

The Correlation of Career Orientations of Managers with Professional Activity and Overall Life Satisfaction

In the article author analyses the career orientations and factors of professional activity and the overall life satisfaction of managers in The Republic Bashkortostan with the use of a questionnaire of career orientation «Anchor career» E. Shane in the translation and adaptation V. A. Chicer, V. E. Vinokurova and multi-factor questionnaire of behavior and experience, work-related called AVEM authors W. Schaarschmidt and A. Fischer in the adaptation of T. Ronginskaya.