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В статье обсуждаются теоретические аспекты проблемы адап-
тационной  готовности  личности.  Предложено  оригинальное 
определение  адаптационной  готовности  как  состояния,  со-
провождающегося  психическим  напряжением,  позволяющим 
личности сохранить настрой на приспособление к значимой, с 
точки зрения реализации потребностей, ситуации, основанной 
на представлении о желаемом (успешном) её исходе, а также 
допустимых средствах и действиях, и раскрыта ее структура. 


Статья  посвящена  теоретическому  анализу  основных  социаль-
но-психологических  факторов  вовлечения  в  наркопотребление 
молодежи Нигерии. Обосновываются актуальность и значимость 
исследования  социально-психологических  оснований  при-
общения к употреблению наркотиков молодежи. Анализируются 
основные  теории  вовлечения  личности  в  употребление  запре-
щенных психоактивных веществ, рассматривается современное 
состояние данной проблемы. Отмечаются свойственные только 

Comparative Diagnostics of Organizational Culture: Level of Top Management

In this article an experience of the results of comparative analysis of order diagnostics of organization culture at the level of top management is provided. In the considered case the data obtained in a work progress with the leader of organization and the official following the leader in system of organizational hierarchy are compared.

Psychosocial Aspects of the Relationship of Alexithymia and Addiction Among Youth

The results of the psycho-social analysis of alexithymia as the functional features of the human nervous system. In the author’s empirical research revealed the specifics of alexithymia among young people with non-chemical addictions, identified the importance of alexithymia as a risk factor in the development addictiveness (for example, Internet addiction). The study was conducted in 2016 (N = 15) by applying a quality methodology.

Comparative Analyses of Organizational Culture of International Cooperation Departments of Russian and American Universities

The article presents the results of comparative research of organizational culture of international cooperation departments of Russian and American Universities: University of Wyoming and Saratov State University. The purpose of the research is a detection of cultural similarities and distinctions at the level of university division leaders that are responsible for success of internationalization.

Self-activation Factors of Students with Disabilities (by the Materials of Pilot Study)

The article show the analysis of the concept of self-activation of the personality with disabilities (HIA), and show results of research the self-activation’s factors of the students with HIA. It was clarified, the self-activation of the personality means psychological activation, containing a perception, an appraisal, an analysis to external signals (environmental conditions, examples of important people), containing their internal processing to adopt and accept the most of valuable and meaningful for oneself.

Social and Psychological Aspects of Personality Adaptation of the Patients with Diabetes Mellitus

The article represents the subject-social approach to the analysis of the disability situation ; through the example of diabetics. The author considers the problem of re-socialization of ill and disabled people in the social and psychological context, the system of internal and external determinants. The system of psychological and socio-psychological factors of the situation subjective component and the ideas about the sick role and a healthy role and evaluation of life quality are revealed.

To a Problem of Spirituality in Organization

raised, and the concept of «spirituality» is analyzed in scientific term. The author discusses religious-, secular- (mind, creativity), ethics-based approaches to spirituality, and separates concepts of «spirituality» and «morality». Modern theories of organizational psychology such as «workplace spirituality», «spiritual leadership» and «spiritual intelligence» are observed in this article. A special role of spirituality in forming of organizational effectiveness and individual contentment of personal activity is emphasized.

Socio-cultural Codes and Psychological Boundaries of Neighbourship

The paper puts forward the results of a reflexive analysis of proverbs and sayings about neighbours and neighbourship, which are representing the collective wisdom, preserving and projecting ontologic value of large social groups.

Recognition of Facial Expressions and Individual Personal Characteristics of the Observers

The goal of this study is to identify relationships between the accuracy of recognition of standard facial expressions (taken from the Ekman and Friesin ‘pictures of affect’ series) and individual personal characteristics of the observers. The presentation times of the target faces for the recognition task are varied (13, 26, 39 and 52 msec.). The total number of the participants is 34.