Axiological Orientations of Protesting Generation

The question of values always was very interesting both for the researchers and commoners. In this paper author talks about axiological orientation of so called «protesting» generation on the example of rock culture of the second half of XX century. Author states that this phenomenon of rock culture gives the best characteristic of transformation of axiological orientations of society in general.

Psychological Factors of Labor-Attitude and Self-Attitude of the Unemployed

Unemployment emerged in the market economy conditions does not result from anybodys malicious intent. It is fairly objective since an actual margin in a labor subjects consumer cost causes not only a selection of the best but also a social rejection of a certain percent share of the capable of working population. Dealing with this part of the labor resources is an objective not only of the social agencies, but also of the psychological ones.

Social Psychological Researches Relevance Problem

This paper targets an urgent problem of interpreting processes associated with intergroup behaviour. The matter of relevance emergence not according to a necessity of distinguishing the phenotypic vs. the genotypic. It is harder to draw a line between «individual» and «common» social behaviour. This demands developing such an interpretation system, which would be adequate for multiple issues being solved by social sciences, and which the separation between the general vs. the individual would be inapplicable to.

Consciousness: Pathopsychology, Psychophysics, Psychophysiology

 In work the analysis of a category of consciousness in aspect of a natural-science explanation of a phenomenon of consciousness as natural phenomena is submitted. The idea of existence of certain bases of a universe which find out itself in consciousness on an attribute of subjective preference is developed. In flight researches it is shown, that preferences of forms of complex spatial - symmetric figures and fragments of pieces of music are caused both the common laws, and the individual - personal distinctions connected to mental frustration.

Psychodiagnostic Potential of Methods M-VA (E.B. Fantalovas modification of methods "LRVA") in the Investigation of Intrapersonal Conflict

The article gives general description of E.B. Fantalovas methods «Level of the Ratio of Value-Access» (LRVA) and basing the necessity of its modification. The results of psychometric validation of modified methods (M-VA) are indicated. It is examined in what way the potential of use of modified methods (system) in different vital spheres in the research of intrapersonal conflict might be expanded. The article denotes some problem aspects of psychologists research work with the use of given methods (M-VA).

The Old-Russian Wisdom as a Source of the National Psychological Thought

In Ancient Russia (X с. - XVII с.) there were lots of writings where psychological questions were set and solved. Among them were both translations, and works of national authors that were included into their textbook on psychology, meditative admonitions of old russian devotees; various compositions of old Russian pedagogical and ethical thought; naturephilosophical compositions, folk legends, and also works of art.

Subjective Well-Being Interrelation to Emotional Trend and Value Orientations of Personality in Diverse Conditions of Professional Socialization

The paper discusses research data of emotional trend and subjective well-being of personality interrelation dynamics and peculiarities under various conditions of occupational socialization. Different combinations of satisfaction with value trends of personality in work activity are scrutinized in detail.


Colorness of the Psychological States

The article is dedicated to analysis of the notion «color» as the attribute of the objective reality, as the symbol of all objects, as the experience of the person and as the judgment. The results of psychological reflexions some components of the psychological states across the psychosemantic interpretation of their colorness, are submitted.

Ethnocultural Identitys Intergroup Pattern

The paper analyzes some methodological issues engaged with constructing an ethnocultural identity intergroup model. On the basis of completed cross-cultural researches, a model appropriate for social psychologists is suggested.