The character of interhemispheric speech asymmetry in aphasia disorders and its influence on quantitative markers of speech perception and aphasia dynamics

Introduction. In neuropsychological practice the dichotic listening task has been widely used for more than 50 years as a valid test for determining the laterality of auditory speech asymmetry. Theoretical analysis. Most of the studies of the dichotic listening task in aphasia are characterized by small sample groups, a wide demographic features of them, lack attention to the type and aphasia severity, a size of local brain damage as well. Without taking into account these important factors it is difficult to answer to some questions: 1.

Violation of social perception in patients with neurosis-like schizophrenia with obsessive-phobic syndrome

Introduction. The study is focused on identifying disorientation in the communication of patients with neurosis-like schizophrenia with obsessive-phobic syndrome. Insufficient scientific development and high medical and social significance of the topic are shown. The assumption is formulated that patients have a pronounced violation of social perception, interconnected with positive, negative symptoms and quality of life. Empirical analysis.

Positive organizational psychology: Foreign research review (valuable past, relevant present, and possible future)

Introduction. The article is a review of foreign studies carried out in line with positive organizational psychology - a field of interdisciplinary scientific knowledge whose purpose is to study the factors that lead a person and an organization to prosperity. The article identifies the key them a tic blocks included in the semantic field of modern positive organizational psychology. Theoretical analysis.

Specifics of student youth’s social perception about readiness, competence and self-efficacy

Introduction. Global transformations require an individual to be ready for change, the ability to make decisions in a situation of uncertainty. Theoretical analysis. A comparative analysis allows us to conclude that, depending on the context, readiness is understood differently. Psychological readiness is associated with the presence of knowledge, skills, and is considered as a certain level of activity of the individual, a special emotional-volitional state, the ability to mobilize before the start of activity.

Correlation of ideas about an asocial personality with the values of cadets of the National Guard of the Russian Federation

Introduction. The article is devoted to the study of the conditionality of subjective ideas about an asocial personality with a system of individual values of cadets. The study was conducted on the basis of the Saratov Military Order of Zhukov Red Banner order Institute of National Guard Troops of the Russian Federation. Theoretical analysis. From the middle of the twentieth century to the present day, a wealth of empirical material on this topic has been accumulated.

Structural and functional analysis of the socio-psychological status of a group subject

Introduction.For the first time the approach was proposed to the study of the socio-psychological status of a group subject, in which the status is understood as a systemic formation reflecting accordingly business, axiological, formal-hierarchical and attraction-expressive aspects of the group position in the basic organization. Theoretical analysis.

Modern Youth Representation about Emigration as a Successful Life and Career Strategy

The article gives the results of the research of modern students’ representation about emigration, its motives and qualities of a potential emigrant. Typical modern youth representations about emigration as a successful life and career strategy were found out.

Model of Effective Manager in Frame of Dynamic Leadership Concept

This research is dedicated to a problem of leadership effectiveness in the context of changing social situation. As part of the research generalized competency model «20 dimensions» was created. Results of comparing «20 dimensions» to three popular Western models demonstrated that despite significant similarities between these models, several competencies crucial to defining the success of a manager in Russia are not in demand abroad.

Social and Psychological Quality of Innovation Potential of the Person Manager

This article deals with the strategic goal of developing theoretical and methodological problems of a socio-psychological model of a modern leader, applicable for the selection of competent managers and to prepare them as subjects of professional management. A model of the innovation potential of the individual manager in the context of social and psychological processes in the labor group is considered in this article.

On Actual Problems of Modern Theoretical and Practical Psychology

The paper focuses on the ways of identification of the actual problems of theoretical and practical psychology. A special attention is paid to the articulation of the actual problems of organizational psychology. The complex of the actual problems on the scale «mankind – community – organization – person» is considered. The problem of the nature of creativity and uniqueness is highlighted as the central one.