Attitudes towards artifi cial intelligence, anxiety and openness to experience

Introduction. Information technology (IT) and artificial intelligence (AI) have become an integral part of our daily reality. However, psychological studies of the interaction between humans and computer systems remain very one-sided, covering mainly the “problem” side – threats, addictions, destruction of natural communication. The interaction of people with IT will continue developing, and the demand for information about the contact of the mind with technology will increase as this contact becomes more complicated. Theoretical analysis.

Typological analysis of a personality’s sociocultural orientation among the representatives of various age groups

The introduction focuses on the role of sociocultural determination, mechanisms of cultural transmission and social inheritance in the development of human psyche and personality. The theoretical part considers psychological types of a personality’s sociocultural orientation that were theoretically deduced through the analysis of a subject’s attitude to traditions and innovations, in-group and out-group culture.

Comparative analysis of the characteristics of social adaptation and the formation of social skills in younger students from socially advantaged families and families “at-risk groups”

Introduction. The modern Russian education system is dominated by the attitude to consider non-adaptive aspects of the child’s behavior in the context of the problem. Meanwhile, it can be presented in a different way: in the aspect of insufficient development of certain social skills in a child. It is important to diagnose the presence of these shortcomings and resolve them at primary school age. Of particular relevance is the study of the social skills of children from dysfunctional families and families of the “risk group”. Theoretical analysis.

Features of adolescents’ value orientations with different levels of anxiety

Introduction. The variability of social guidelines of modern society determines the relevance of studying value orientations as an important moral component of the person. The purpose of the work is to study the value orientations of adolescents with different levels of anxiety. Theoretical analysis. The severity of anxiety in adolescents is related to the choice of certain value orientations. Adolescents with high levels of anxiety are more susceptible to the opinions of others and their value orientations are less stable and more useful. Empirical analysis.

Personal maturity: A research model in the context of an event approach

Introduction. The problem of personal maturity, its criteria and mechanisms of achievement, acts as one of the significant and urgent problems in modern psychological science. A large number of scientific papers are devoted to the interpretation and definition of this concept, the search for its content and structural elements. Theoretical analysis. Based on the systematization of theoretical material, the author builds a model for the analysis of personal maturity (in the context of the event approach).

Spiritual psychology of S. L. Frank in the context of modern tasks of the development of Russian social psychology

The introduction highlights the points of contact between the ideas of S.L. Frank’s spiritual psychology and the theme of “generational survival”, developed within the framework of metamodernism and metapsychology, and the relevance of spiritual psychology for solving the problems facing modern Russian social psychology. The theoretical analysis is devoted to understanding the essence of the phenomenon of spirituality, the connection of the spiritual and socio-psychological in the works of S. L. Frank, the development of S. L.

Strategies of Behavior Interrelation Subjective Well-Being Representatives Contact Ethnic Groups

The article discusses the results of research on the relationship of behavior strategies and subjective well-being of representatives contact ethnic groups (Russians, Kazakhs, Armenians). It is shown that in the face of threats to the well-being of some of the representatives of the ethnic groups have resorted to various behavioural strategies. Established ethnic specificity of the relationship between the characteristics of individual satisfaction and willingness to engage in risky behaviour.

Foundations of Development of School-Age Children’s Creative Thinking on the Basys of its Integrative Conception

The paper refers to the grounding of school-age children’s creative thinking development foundations from the point of the integrative conception of creative thinking that deals with creative thinking as with the highest level of thinking. It is assumed that that creative thinking can be developped by purposely organized integration of separate forms of thinking.

The character of interhemispheric speech asymmetry in aphasia disorders and its influence on quantitative markers of speech perception and aphasia dynamics

Introduction. In neuropsychological practice the dichotic listening task has been widely used for more than 50 years as a valid test for determining the laterality of auditory speech asymmetry. Theoretical analysis. Most of the studies of the dichotic listening task in aphasia are characterized by small sample groups, a wide demographic features of them, lack attention to the type and aphasia severity, a size of local brain damage as well. Without taking into account these important factors it is difficult to answer to some questions: 1.

Violation of social perception in patients with neurosis-like schizophrenia with obsessive-phobic syndrome

Introduction. The study is focused on identifying disorientation in the communication of patients with neurosis-like schizophrenia with obsessive-phobic syndrome. Insufficient scientific development and high medical and social significance of the topic are shown. The assumption is formulated that patients have a pronounced violation of social perception, interconnected with positive, negative symptoms and quality of life. Empirical analysis.