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Концепт смерти и «конца искусства»

Аннотация. Введение. Тема идеи смерти достаточно распространена в междисциплинарным дискурсе. Теоретический анализ. Рассматриваемые нами феномены смерти и абстрактного искусства создают плодотворную почву для антропологических изысканий в форме детального рассмотрения человека. На настоящее время исследование вмещает в себя симбиоз психиатрического, психологического, философского и культурно – социального дискурса.

The problem of privacy in a digital society of swarm intelligence

Introduction. The development of digital technologies requires the specification of the type of the emerging digital society. One of the development scenarios is the formation of a digital society of swarm intelligence. Theoretical analysis. The concept of swarm intelligence means an optimization algorithm that imitates the behavior of swarms or colonies of insects and bird flocks.

The state and ethnic identity: Confrontation or alliance?

Introduction. The article is devoted to the analysis of the relationship between the state and ethnic group, state and ethnic identity. It reveals the mechanisms of state formation based on the development of cultural baggage created within the framework of the ethnic communicative space. Theoretical analysis. One of the distinctive features of modern states is the complex nature of the identities that comprise their citizens. The article shows in what ways and due to what the president of the state asserts the beginning of the state.

The soul as the substance of a personality: Phenomenological pro et contra

Introduction. The article reveals some methodological aspects of the phenomenological discussion of the personal subject. The dispute is caused by realistic tendencies in phenomenology, according to which the totality of properties of a thing allows us to assert the existence of their ontological basis, which is contained in the essence of the thing. In the case of a human being, such ontological foundation is the soul, which determines the basic characteristics of the personality that exist prior to any constitution. Theoretical analysis.

Chernyshevsky and Napoleon III

Introduction. The image of Napoleon III in philosophical thinking of Chernyshevsky is important for the characterization of ideological struggle in the nineteenth century. Theoretical analysis. From his student years, Chernyshevsky followed the political career of Louis Bonaparte, noted his successes and personal traits. During the Second Empire in France, Chernyshevsky criticized Bonapartism, put forward an explanation of the reasons for its temporary triumph.

The life path of a personality: The experience of socio-philosophical conceptualization

Introduction. The purpose of the study is to carry out a socio-philosophical analysis of the scientific heritage of researchers of the concept of the “life path of a personality”, to systematize the material, as well as to create a foundation for a socio-philosophical understanding of this category. Theoretical analysis. The article identifies three dimensions through which the concept under study is presented: everyday, artistic and scientific. Their specificity is determined, as well as the existing difficulties in their relationship.

The question of the qualitative definiteness of the bit in the natural and artificial intelligence

Introduction. Advances in digital technology lead to the tendency to adjust the modern education system under the algorithms of artificial intelligence. In this regard the special relevance is acquired by a research of those aspects of human thinking which are not amenable to modeling in artificial intelligence systems. Theoretical analysis. In the concepts of the XX–XXI centuries eidos is transformed into a dynamic pattern.

The correlation between freedom and violence as one of the fundamental problems of thinking

Introduction Themain topic of this article is the method of solving a fundamental problem of the relationship between a man and the world. The author proposes to accept the concepts of violence and freedom as such horizons of relations, because these concepts can be understood as main plots of human conscious life. They also may be the sides of the dialectical confrontation. The present study uses the onto-hermeneutic method combined with a historico-philosophical analysis.

Ontology of declaration: Towards the characteristics of modern philosophy

Introduction. The article is devoted to consideration of the state of modern ontological thought. It is no coincidence that after Heidegger there is virtually no systematic consideration of the concept of being in philosophy. Does this mean that the problem of being has lost its relevance? Or does this indicate that the concept of being continues (albeit in a negative way) to determine the face of modern philosophy?

The phenomenon of "symbiosis" of the state and Islamic organizations in modern Indonesia

Introduction. The article is devoted to the phenomenon of symbiosis of the state apparatus of the Republic of Indonesia and Islam. Theoretical analysis. Throughout its independence from 1949 to the present, the State power and Islamic religious organizations have been in close symbiosis. The article highlights three stages in relation to Islam and the state. Empirical analysis. The first stage was the subordination of Islam to the state apparatus from 1975 to 1997.