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The life path of a personality: The experience of socio-philosophical conceptualization

Introduction. The purpose of the study is to carry out a socio-philosophical analysis of the scientific heritage of researchers of the concept of the “life path of a personality”, to systematize the material, as well as to create a foundation for a socio-philosophical understanding of this category. Theoretical analysis. The article identifies three dimensions through which the concept under study is presented: everyday, artistic and scientific. Their specificity is determined, as well as the existing difficulties in their relationship.

Ethnopsychological Peculiaraty of the Relationships of Subjective Well-being and Personal Self-regulation

The article presents theoretical and empirical study of relationships
of subjective well-being and personal self-regulation of representatives
different ethnogroups are presented. Empirical research is
executed to in proportion the picked-up selection of student’s youth
(Saratov), ranking themselves as the Russian and Tatar ethnos
(n = 60, female and male; 18–20 years old) with use of psychodiagnostic
tools: «Types of ethnic identity» (G. U. Soldatova,
S. V. Ryzhova), V. I. Morosanova’s questionnaire «Style of selfcontrol

Relationship between Value System and Psychological Structure of Students' Initiative

The article presents the results of the research focused on students’
value system and initiative, including the significance of different groups of values for them. Psychological structure of initiative as a
personality trait; significance of abstract, concrete values and also
values of professional and personal self-realization; relationships
between the significance of the group of terminal values, contentsemantic
and instrumental-stylistic characteristics of initiative are

Professional-Ethical Culture of Personality

Theoretical analysis of «professional-ethical culture of personality» notion within the bounds of activity, axiological and personal approaches is made. Correlation between profession and ethics is elicited. It is underlined that ethics is the core of professional culture.

Christianity and Science: from Autonomy to Interaction

This article is devoted to consideration of the main tendences in solving by modern western christian theologians the problem of relations between Christianity and science. Today here is elaborated a new vision on history and modern state of interrelations between science and theology. Here is stressed an injustice of statesments about their principally opposition and fixed a positive influence of Christianity on the development of European science. There is no common theologian opinion about the mode of modern interrelations between theology and science.

Value Factors of Readiness to Change in Duty Status in Military Personnel at Different Stages of Army Socialization

The article presents the relevance of the study of the value determination of military personnel readiness to change in duty status. 226 men which divided into 4 subsamples: the average age of which was 18,1 ± 0,4 (freshmen), 20,1 ± 0,51 (third year), 21,9 ± 0,9 (final course) , 34,1 ± 5,3 (active officers) involved in the study. The portrait questionnaire of Schwartz values, the method «Personality readiness for change», original scales of readiness to change the service situation of military men are used.

To a Problem of a Parity of True and Creativity in a Context of Freedom

In  this  article  is  investigated  the  problem  of  a  parity  of  true  and  creativity.  It  is  shown,  that  interpretation  of  true  depends  on  character  of  understanding  and  realization  of  a  principle  of  freedom  which  mastering  is  a  necessary  condition  of  development  of  creative  potential  at  the  person. 

Spirituality-Moral Determinants of Sport

In clause philosophical problems of sports, it social and cultural bases are considered. The basic accent is done revealing spiritually-moral a determinant of an investigated phenomenon. Sports activity initially human oriented and the main task of modern system of physical training and formation consists in preservation and development of the given humanistic beginning.

External Judgment Superimportance Phenomenon and Interpersonal Relations Disorder

The article is devoted to the social-psychical phenomenon, which acts as a nonspecific factor of maladaptation of an individual. It reflects the problems of persons attitude to other peoples judgment and is determined as an external judgment superimportance phenomenon. The article shows main directions of destructive effect of the phenomenon on different levels of socio-psychical adaptation of an individual.

Process of the Socializations in Changing Condition of Being and Subjective Well-Being

In article are discussed questions of the correlation subjective and subjectivity with position of the socializations of personalities, shaping space of being. It is analysed their place and role in shaping the subjective well-being of personalities.