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The Link between Time Perspective, Personality Traits and Self-Injurious Behaviour of Opiate-Dependent Patients

The article covers the results of the study on time perspective, personality traits and self-injurious behaviour of drug-addicted patients. Statistically high rates of depression, irritability and reactive aggression are distinguished; time perspective is characterized by hedonistic and fatalistic fixation on the present, negativistic evaluation of the past and uncertainty of the future; there is a high rate of self-injurious acts in the sample.

Values of the Personality in Social and Ontologic Aspects

The concept of value has an exclusive importance for the analysis of personal life and in studying of social processes and changes. Structural levels of personal life which act as the basis for allocation of the main groups of values are considered.

The Problem of the Nature of «Self» in Russian Philosophy

In article the concepts of «self», stated in works of N. Lossky, S. Franc and L. Lopatin are critically considered. Arguments against the idea of transcendence of «self» in relation to the phenomenal content of the consciousness, contained in N. Lossky and S. Frank’s works, are stated. The position of L. Lopatin, assuming immanence of the «self» to consciousness contents, is supported.

The problem of digital recognition of personal behavior in the context of modern challenges: Socio-philosophical and theological analysis

Introduction. The article examines the problem of digital personality recognition as one of the dimensions of artificial intelligence from the perspective of socio-philosophical and theological analysis. Theoretical analysis.