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The Questions of Methodology Maintenance of Juridical Psychology Expert Research

The methodology aspect of psychology juridical expert research is considered in the article and ways of solving the problems wich are connected with making of such expert research methodic on the base of general scientific methodology principles are also discussed. The determinant means of principles of systematic and individualization are demonstrated. The system of criterias of scientific justifiability of making juridical psychology expert judgments is formulated.

She-Truth: The Experience of Female Gnoseologization

The article is an attempt to reconceive gnoseological symbol «She- Truth». She-Truth does not tempt philosophical mind, does not deprive it of Its creativity. She-Truth emancipates philosophical mind, gives it creative impetus and protects philosophers personality.

Personality as the Subject of Relations and Interrelations

This article discusses the problem of person as the subject of the relations and interactions with each other. Analyzes the relationship of personality and their psychological characteristics. Special attention is given to the subjective position and relationship of personality to the other persons.


Nikolay Berdjaev: the Aesthetics of Tradition and Pathos of Revolution

In article is presented the point of view on N.A. Berdjaeva's philosophy, allowing to understand it as consequence of difficult interaction of two opposite factors. On the one hand, its origin and education; on the other hand, its involvements into elements of historical shocks. The author underlines that «reconciliation» of these moments, according to the doctrine of the Russian thinker, probably, thanks to the creative beginning in the person.

The Economic View of Teenagers and Youths of Social Inequality, which is Formed During the Process of Economic Socialization in Russia

The article presents the results of the study of the ideas of adolescents
and young adults of social inequality. The empirical research has revealed
nuclear components of ideas of adolescents and youths about
various aspects of social inequality, as well as changes in their ideas,
depending on the age of adolescents. The results of the research
indicate that teenagers don’t adopt in it’s pure form existing in the
society conflicting views and attitudes towards social inequality in the

Сonstitutional Psychology

The subject of the constitutional psychology is correlations of constitutional – body, dermatoglyphic, serologic and psychological (personality, and mainly temperamental, «psychodynamic») features.

Psychological Features of the Students Studying at Pedagogical Specialties with the Dominance of Negative Emotions in an Examination Situation

Interconnections of different psychological characteristics of a personality with features of emotional sphere becoming apparent in an examination situation were revealed. It was shown that students with different side of emotions have specific unfavorable personality psychological features.

Personality in Space of Power

Increase of a personality role in political space of society sets a task of researching of the ways of personification of special power structures. In the article there offered the main levels of psychological space of power, the corresponding political symbols and the models of political behavior. There also discussed particular features of personified space of the leader, phantoms of his influence on political space of ruling elites and electorate.

The Choice of Psychical Adaptation Strategy and its Consequences for Personality

In an article takes up the phenomenon of coping as a choice of definite adaptation strategy. The authors set up hypothesis that choice of psychical adaptation strategy by active or passive type determines a choice of psychical defenses mechanisms, personalitys value orientation, locus control and determines orientation of personality. Its draw a conclusion that the active coping structured by value orientation of self-actualization. Self-esteem and independence of values run out as resources.

Subjective Well-Being Interrelation to Emotional Trend and Value Orientations of Personality in Diverse Conditions of Professional Socialization

The paper discusses research data of emotional trend and subjective well-being of personality interrelation dynamics and peculiarities under various conditions of occupational socialization. Different combinations of satisfaction with value trends of personality in work activity are scrutinized in detail.