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V. A. Kutyrev’s Phenomenological Substantialism Program

Timoshchuk Alexey S., Vladimir Law Institute of the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia

The reader is presented with the manifesto of the phenomenological substantialism of the Nizhny Novgorod philosopher V. A. Kutyrev, published in the form of his new monograph. The departure to machine and digital immortality is criticized by the Volga thinker as yet another seduction of a technocratic civilization, digital self-deception. Kutyrev Vladimir Aleksandrovich is known as a social philosopher, a leftist conservative, a supporter of controlled progress. His papers and books are an event for the Russian intellectual life. The subject of the study is the monograph by Kutyrev, “The owl of Minerva flies at dusk” published in 2018. The author analyzes the soap bubble of modern anthropoactivity (homo bullo) by removing the casing behind the shell of the civilization bulb of innovationism,. Removing and discarding layer by layer, he advances towards the system of human stability. Kutyrev’s philosophy is presented as the reactivization of a narrow path between agnosticism and technocracy, reism and structuralism. The target of his book is, as always, the salvation of Man. The difference in this monograph is in the details. In his previous works he saved us from technology, emptiness, progress. Yet here he saves us from self-apocalypse, an eschatological man-made tragedy. The article provides an overview of the main subjects of the author’s work: the struggle between the natural and the artificial, the open vs. the sustainable society, self-development of technology, the threat of hypermodernism and transhumanism, the problems of biotechnical design of a postman, the prospects for conservative philosophizing, the justification of life. The basis of the monograph consists of the following deep ideas: being is a blessing; self-assertion is the essence of every living thing; Eternal return is a solid platform instead of progressivism. Research method: hermeneutic analysis of the monograph by. The results of the work: the apologetics of slow life, thoughtful reading and aesthetics of Ecce homo.


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