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Globalization and the Phenomenon of Religious

The article studies the problem of the relationship between
globalization and the religious phenomenon in the modern era.
Special attention is paid to the specifics of the conflicts in religious
consciousness under the influence of globalization processes.
Globalization is seen as a complex phenomenon, includes a combination
of many elements of social reality.Open and participatory
modernity allows you to shape religious identity indirectly from
national and cultural component. So, mass forms of religiosity

Urbanism and Cosmopolitism: Social and Philosophical Point of View

Theoretical applicability of the idea of cosmopolitism, its connection with the most significant problems of globalization, such as migration, citizenship, local national policy, have made it an actual theme for theoretical approaches and authors striving to legitimate it as an ideological universalium in their cosmopolitical programmes. This article studies theoretical orientation and effects of transverge influence of cosmopolitization upon urbanism. The discussed problems viz.

Globalization and Individualization: Logic of Social and Philosophical Interrelation

Article is devoted to a research of processes of globalization in the context of the structure and specifics of transformation of global society. Against the background of globalization there is a deformation of the existing subjects that often is represented researchers of society as something, destroying social solidarity. The special place in the context of the delivered problem is allocated to a dichotomy research «collective – individual». The author criticizes the dominating theory that because of globalization there is individualization.

Philosophical Interpretation of Essence of Innovations

This article is based on the phenomenon analysis of innovation and its activities. The philosophy of the innovative development is almost relevant to the intensification of innovative process and the fundamentals which is influenced by the public and private realities. The concept of Innovation is already defined and the prospects for the philosophical measurement is already set by its approach. In today’s life, we have large and wide approach for the innovative transformations which include human life, business, environment and our surroundings.

Discourse-Management of Social Dynamics of Global Processes: Social-Politic Sphere

Nowadays it has become more noticeable a tendency of different states to the mutual collaborating or opposing. Interstate contacts and links reach the other qualitative level. The cause of that lies in the process of globalization, demanding from states of greater integration and search of allies. The search of efficient governance strategies treats us to approach in this article to the program of discourse management of social processes. 

Confession Destruction in Cultural Forms of Globalization

This article is about the phenomenon of confession destruction in theoretical models of global culture, its synthesis and conflict. The variety of forms and fundamental character of this concept is analyzed in the context of «modernization syndrome». The essence of this phenomenon is caused by the actualization of destructive contradictions religious dominant. 


Статья посвящена анализу вклада представителей отечествен-
ной исторической мысли в экспликацию творческой природы
общественной жизни. История в социальном творчестве пред-
стает как состояние открытости социального бытия и как состоя-
ние новообразований (событий) в нем. В них преобразуется и по-
новому проявляется форма глобальной духовной связи всего

The Conflict and the Order in Civilization Structures

The author analyzes the conflicts of civilizations in this article. The Author considers the reasons of these conflicts that are created value.
The value of one civilization disagrees with the value of other civilizations. At the end of article he draws a conclusion. The problem
of civilization’s conflicts has to be studied together with modern global problems and problems of modernizations. 

The Domestic Historical Idea in the Light of Globalization and Informatization

History appears as the so-state of openness of social life and as state of new formations in him. In the innovative states became topical and the form of global relations of all humanity shows up newly, transforming all accumulated them spiritual potential in a new structure and information. Article the deposit of representatives of domestic historical Idea is analyzed in the comprehension of universal connection of humanity in the states of openness and event of History.

Moral in Politics: Social and Religious Contexts of Russian Philosophy

The question of moral and politics correlation has a deep background. All philosophers, who studied political process, made different conclusions. The correlation of moral and politics is very important problem in the world of modern social changes.