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Globalization and Individualization: Logic of Social and Philosophical Interrelation

Klementyev Boris S., Saratov State University

Article is devoted to a research of processes of globalization in the context of the structure and specifics of transformation of global society. Against the background of globalization there is a deformation of the existing subjects that often is represented researchers of society as something, destroying social solidarity. The special place in the context of the delivered problem is allocated to a dichotomy research «collective – individual». The author criticizes the dominating theory that because of globalization there is individualization. As opposed to this opinion the author suggests to consider processes of globalization through a prism of transformation of the basis of collective identity. In article the mechanism of dissolution of national and cultural identity is illustrated, criteria based on which it is possible to build the forecast about what culture will be absorbed are offered. The author comes to a conclusion that parallel to network of national and cultural communities new, stronger network on the basis of new distinctive signs is created. To replace consigning to the past of national, cultural identity world outlook identity comes, so, it is possible to say that though processes of individualization purchase the big importance today, as characteristic feature of the present can›t put a question of identity so unambiguously.


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