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The Dynamics of Value Orientations of the Creative Elite in a Risk Society

In this article the author makes an attempt to determine the reasons for the loss of civilizational identity, coupled with the loss of the previous values and social certainty. He is trying to figure out the role played by the creative elite in shaping the cultural identification attitudes of society in modern Russia. The article traces the dynamics of formation and development of Russian identity in the transition period. Analyzes the direction and nature of the state of social dynamics.

Ethos as Ethno-Social Experience

The article is devoted to analysis of the ethos notion content and attempt to interpret it though the concept ethno-social experience. Particular attention is given to the consideration of the opportunities of ethos planned change with the purpose to make easier the modernization process of the Russian society.

Technologization of Society as the Factor of Sociocultural Changes

The article considers the main processes of technologization of the modern society as a fundamental cause of value and sociocultural changes in public life. The author also describes the changes in the value transformation of society, focusing on the relationship between social, cultural and industrial-technogenic changes. The society is considered by the author as a heterogeneous object from the dynamic point of view, different subsystems of which develop at different speeds.

V. A. Kutyrev’s Phenomenological Substantialism Program

The reader is presented with the manifesto of the phenomenological substantialism of the Nizhny Novgorod philosopher V. A. Kutyrev, published in the form of his new monograph. The departure to machine and digital immortality is criticized by the Volga thinker as yet another seduction of a technocratic civilization, digital self-deception. Kutyrev Vladimir Aleksandrovich is known as a social philosopher, a leftist conservative, a supporter of controlled progress. His papers and books are an event for the Russian intellectual life.

Spiritual Foundations of Political Order in Russia and China Experience

Article is devoted to the influence of spiritual foundations of the political order and modernization development companies. In the center is a comparative analysis of historical experience and prospects of Russia and China. The article is devoted to the impact of spiritual foundations on the political order and development of society in terms of modernization. Historical experience and prospects of Russia and China are in the center of the comparative analysis.

Modernization of the Post-Soviet Russia: from the Democratic Transition Period to Innovative Development

The article author examines the country’s post-Soviet (post-1991) development stages in terms of its both political and economic modernization. The author notes that at the first stage of reforms, the Russian government used a reflected scenario when implementing the reforms while copying the Western development scenario for the most part. Eventually, the government has managed to build an imperfect political and economic model which was rejected by the broad public. In the end, under Putin, it led to the change in the modernization vector.

Valuable Sistem of Modern Youth in the Conditions of Social Changes

Transformation of social representations, different social and individual changes highlights the issue of value-semantic relation to oneself and the world in the context of a person’s integrity and activity. It is emphasized that the era of modernity is characterized by the revision of established social norms, the revaluation of values. The article describes the value priorities of students, clarifies their nature and informative content, sex and age dynamics is determined, value types are indicated.

Formation of Secular Society: Social and Philosophical Bases of Research

In article the conceptual bases of research of process of a secularization are considered, in particular, it is specified that Max Weber connects for the first time a secularization with modernization processes in the European society, and also with magic movement to rationality. Identification of consequences of a secularization is an actual problem of social and philosophical thought.

Power and Communication Strategy in a Modernizing Society: in Conditions of Risks

The article analyzes the communication strategies of the authorities in the conditions of modernization of the society. Communication is the base of modernization. We should speak about decision-making and consensus models in the conditions of growing riskogenicity changes.