Critics and Bibliography

V. A. Kutyrev’s Phenomenological Substantialism Program

The reader is presented with the manifesto of the phenomenological substantialism of the Nizhny Novgorod philosopher V. A. Kutyrev, published in the form of his new monograph. The departure to machine and digital immortality is criticized by the Volga thinker as yet another seduction of a technocratic civilization, digital self-deception. Kutyrev Vladimir Aleksandrovich is known as a social philosopher, a leftist conservative, a supporter of controlled progress. His papers and books are an event for the Russian intellectual life.

Review of the Book: Papayani F. A. The Imperial Future of Russia / Confrontation of Ideological Projects of the 19th – 21st Centuries

Russian space of 19th – 21st centuries turned into a tough field of opposition of ideological projects. Each project claims the status of a basic factor in shaping the outlook of the people who influence the present and future of Russia. The key idea of the monograph is ideology as the moral and ethical canon of human behavior and the power and political regulation of society.

Review of the Book: Maksimova E. A. Innovative Organization of the System of Professional Education: Educational Unions

The system of professional education provides a person with certain means to achieve important goals in life. Its direct dependence on the level of sociocultural development of the society is axiomatic; the relation between the content of professional education and requirements of the socio-economic development of a nation has become the problem of scientific research not only for pedagogues, but for economists and sociologists as well. However, the influence of the evolution in labor on the organization of the system of professional education has not been thoroughly analyzed.