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Spirituality as the Highest Value in a Person’s Life

Bockachev Ivan A., North-Caucasus Federal University

The article describes spirituality as the highest value and the basis
of the existence of a person. The key point of the article is that
the process of becoming a spiritual person doesn’t happen all on
its own and doesn’t depend on the subject itself. On the contrary,
this process requires a certain amount of efforts to happen and
even an inner heroic deed of person, seeking for a spiritual and
cultural growth. The conclusion is that the spirituality is a unique
process which can’t be viewed separately from the existence of a
person. Moreover, this process is not an opposite of such existence
as it goes on in a current reality. The spirituality contains
only inner entity, which is specifically articulated to one or another
individual. This entity is integral, unitary and as everlasting as its only
bearer – the human being.


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