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Spirituality as the Highest Value in a Person’s Life

The article describes spirituality as the highest value and the basis
of the existence of a person. The key point of the article is that
the process of becoming a spiritual person doesn’t happen all on
its own and doesn’t depend on the subject itself. On the contrary,
this process requires a certain amount of efforts to happen and
even an inner heroic deed of person, seeking for a spiritual and
cultural growth. The conclusion is that the spirituality is a unique

Social Aesthetic of Taste: Elitist and Mass

The article covers the analysis of the aesthetic taste problem in the context of changes of relation structure: elitist – mass. Attention is focused on some social and aesthetic categories and conceptions reflecting the specificity of the modern consumers culture. The quality criteria being the key component of the latter is the underlying cause of the social-structural progress, and the taste phenomenon is the measure of disparity in the field of aesthetic and cultural experience.