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Spirituality as the Highest Value in a Person’s Life

The article describes spirituality as the highest value and the basis
of the existence of a person. The key point of the article is that
the process of becoming a spiritual person doesn’t happen all on
its own and doesn’t depend on the subject itself. On the contrary,
this process requires a certain amount of efforts to happen and
even an inner heroic deed of person, seeking for a spiritual and
cultural growth. The conclusion is that the spirituality is a unique

The Problem of Personal Identity: Relativism

The article is devoted to revelation of the essence of the relativistic approach to the problem of personal identity and identification. At the beginning of the work shall be approved by the main provisions of this approach as a methodological basis of philosophical inquiry. The author argues that a relativistic approach is associated with the ideas of philosophers postmodernists.

Subject Conditions of Professionalism and Success of the Teacher of Higher School in the Context of Leading Theories of the Person

In a context of theories of person of A. Adler, G.S. Sullivan, A. Maslow, K. Rogers and A. Bandura the system of conditions, significant for professional success of the subject of scientific and pedagogical activity comes to light, representations of «successful» and «unsuccessful» teachers of the higher school about the factors necessary for achievement of professionalism are analyzed, their conditionality by activity of subsystems of mentality according to functional model of psyche of the person developed by R.H. Tugushev is considered.

Social Adaptation-Psychological of Youth and Propensity to Risk

In the article results of the analysis of a place and a role of risk in system of social adaptation-psychological of the person of representatives of young generation are discussed. The structure of social adaptation-psychological in interaction with readiness and propensity to risk is studied.

Toposes of the Persons Vital Way

The article is devoted to the discovering of functions of the space in the persons vital way. The concept «topos» is in the center of this work. Adaptation, valuable and temporal horizons of the research are put forward of the toposes personal existence. The problems of the sense of life are discussed, phenomena of the closed and opened space are analyzed and their influence to the vital world of the person is found out.

The Structural Organization of Self-Сontrol Depending on a Level of Subjective Well-Being of the Person

In article results of empirical research of interrelation of self-control and subjective well-being of the person are submitted. Specificity of interfunctional connections in structure of self-control of the person is shown depending on a level of subjective well-being.

Interrelation of Values and Characteristics of Self-Determination of Students Capital and Provincial High School

In this article discuss results of empirical research of interrelation values and characteristics of self-determination. It is shown similarity and distinction of valuable, interrelation of values and availability of students capital and provincial high school. Presents results of factorial (bifactorial decision) analysis of mind values system of high school students.

Using the Method of "Teaching Through Experience" in Teaching Primary School Students in "The Spirit Of Peace"

The problem of the shortage of teaching tolerance methodic in primary school is viewed. The method of teaching primary school students in «the spirit of peace» is offered. The exercises worked out on the base of the method of «Teaching through experience» are shown.

The Link «Subjective» Personal Properties and Envy

The article presents the results of the study of the relationship subject properties and propensity to envy. People with a subject position demonstrate low envy towards situation significant areas of the superiority of another person. Identified multiple links between penchant
for envy by indirect assessment and self-assessment with subjective properties of the individual.

Risk and Life-space of Person

Article is devoted to analysis of risk, life-space of the person and researching of correlation among the concept of risk and the concept of life-space of the person. Author argues that the person is a valuable subject, manifesting itself in a space-time continuum. Person is initially free and open and designs itself in creative act. Risk offers as potentially failed event. Consequently, risk becomes basic characteristic of the person. That shows person’s openness and ability to self-designing.