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Forming a tolerant attitude of foreign students to Russian culture in the process of aesthetic education

Romanova Victoria Vladimirovna, Volsk Military Institute of Material Support

Introduction. The education of tolerance has been of interest to scientists since ancient times. Theoretical analysis. A comparative analysis allows us to conclude that the concept of “tolerance” should be defined from different positions: some researchers emphasize the idea of mutual respect and equality, others underline not so much respect and tolerance for other people, regardless of race, religion, social status, etc., but more the influence of tolerance on the process of human socialization; others pay special attention to the spiritual component of the concept of tolerance, referring tolerance to the criteria of moral upbringing of the individual. Consideration of the problem of tolerance education made it possible to identify the mechanisms of its development. Conclusion. In order to form a tolerant attitude towards Russian culture in foreign students, it is necessary to develop their interest in Russian culture and teach them to adequately understand the unfamiliar surrounding reality, to be able to focus on appropriate behavior and communication in the Russian-speaking society. The formation of a tolerant attitude towards Russian culture is influenced by classes in Culture of Speech, in which emotionally colored situations of creativity and communication should be used. The most important components of the tolerant attitude of foreign students to Russian culture are the culture of speech and communication.

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