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Methods and forms of education of a modern student

Introduction. At present, with the priority of education in the country’s public policy, it is important to analyze existing approaches to the categories of methods and forms of education. Theoretical analysis allows us to see contradictions in the interpretation of these concepts. Comparative analysis makes it possible to identify significant guidelines for the teacher in choosing methods and forms of education in working with children, and to highlight the most significant positions.

Hermeneutic Paradigm of Education: Social Philosophy Analysis

The paper is devoted to the social philosophy analysis of education through a method of hermeneutics. The hermeneutic paradigm of education includes tradition and memory, science and history, world of actual life and social institutions, thus revealing its structural complication and a vast range of aspects inside it. It is noted, that the historical development of education is associated with the change in value of natural and social, political and moral. In the philosophy of M. Heidegger and D.

Research Educational Environmentin in Russian Psychology: from Methodological Discussion by the Empirical Results

It provides the most important methodological approaches to the study of social and educational environment that have emerged throughout the twentieth century in the Russian psychological and pedagogical science. Substantiated formation of ecological education of psychology as a research direction.

Young People, Education, Labour Intellectualization: Trends and Contradictions

This article covers the analysis of the problem of the youth integration into the economical processes. Attention is focused on the labour intellectualization trend and new requirements presented by the people common market. The needs of the modern economy in the intellectual resources brought to forefront the criteria of the education, professional competence, creative potential.

Problems and Prospects of Social Psychology of Education

26?27 октября 2010 года на базе факультета педагогики, психологии и начального образования Педагогического института Саратовского государственного университета по инициативе кафедры психологии образования состоялась Международная научная конференция «Проблемы и перспективы социальной психологии образования», посвященная 105-летию со дня рождения доктора психологических наук профессора И.В. Страхова.

Using the Method of "Teaching Through Experience" in Teaching Primary School Students in "The Spirit Of Peace"

The problem of the shortage of teaching tolerance methodic in primary school is viewed. The method of teaching primary school students in «the spirit of peace» is offered. The exercises worked out on the base of the method of «Teaching through experience» are shown.

Gabriel Gordon: Fate and Philosophical Creativity

In this article the analysis of the archival materials connected with name of Russian neokantianist Gabriel Gordon is spent. His memoirs, his communication with The Universities of Moscow and Marburg, a situation in academic environment in the end XIX ? beginnigs of XX centuries are investigated in details.


About Rhetoric of Crisis in Philosophy

The article discusses the topic of the crisis of modern philosophy. This theme is presented as special crisis rhetoric not interested in philosophy. Rhetoric contrasts to theme of philosophy as a way of escaping from the externally imposed rhetorical tricks. As a result, attempt to define a specific mode of existence of philosophy and the philosopher is given.

Education, Upbringing and Socialization: Resemblance and Differences of the Notions

The article is devoted to theorizing notions, meaningful for creation of the optimal model of the youth socialization in the transitive period of the Russian society. The resemblance and differences of the process, aimed at the human development, are substantiated and the

Spirituality as a Basis of Morality and Patriotism in a Modern Russian Society

The article considers the dialectical correlation between patriotism, morality and spirituality. Spirituality is interpreted as the main condition and basis of all moral qualities and abilities of the human being, including patriotism. In comparison with patriotism as a spiritual quality of the person, spirituality looks like a transcendental condition of personal existence, which allows us to interpret it more fundamental and, therefore, primary phenomenon.