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The Secular and the Religious Aspects in Modern Education

One of the peculiarities of modern communication is the desire to learn another culture not singling out its values, i.e. the qualitative characteristics of the modern world development is the unconditional priority of knowledge over traditions. Thus, the immanent aspiration of any culture to a dialogue is opposed to the actual running globalization. Modern globalization process is, first of all, the birth of the new social system, built on the domination of informational technologies.

Cultural Context of Education: Russia and China

Culture represents a social phenomenon if we regard it from the point of its material and spiritual values, and education is a dedicated social sphere of ideal existence, related to the subject. Within its own history, education develops in such a direction and in such a force as it has the intention defining the message, aim, reflexive intentional orientation at this aspect. It is education that may reveal intentionality of consciousness: to single out the acts of thinking and their content.

The Basic Directions of Perfecting the System of Education in Russia

The article analyses the tendencies of modernization and development of the system of education in Russia in connection to the world experience.

Medicalization of the educational process: Stating the problem

Introduction. The spread of medical theories and practices to various spheres of society is becoming a significant factor in the development of society. In the scientific literature this phenomenon is called medicalization. The essence, causes and consequences of medicalization are comprehended in philosophical and bioethical discourses. Medicalized practices are also being introduced into the process of education. Theoretical analysis.

Some factors of subjective economic well-being

Introduction. One of the main motivations of the human community is the desire for well-being, and its subjective feeling is the basis of a full-fledged life of the individual, which is why the study of subjective economic well-being (SWB) is an urgent task of modern psychology. The term “SWB” first appeared thanks to the works of B. Strumpel and A. Campbell. The concept was defined as the result of a social comparison of the actual status of a person with his needs and perception of his own position.