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Expert Research of Tolerance of Senior Pupils to Different Social and Age-related Categories

Authorial methodology of expert research of tolerance is presented as subjective attitude toward «another», including scales «Collaboration» (active acceptance), «Liking» (passive acceptance), «Tolerance» (passive non-acceptance) and «Aggression» (active non-acceptance). Every scale includes emotional, cognitive, practical and active components. «Another» is examined as totality of appearance, behavior, culture and ideology.

Using the Method of "Teaching Through Experience" in Teaching Primary School Students in "The Spirit Of Peace"

The problem of the shortage of teaching tolerance methodic in primary school is viewed. The method of teaching primary school students in «the spirit of peace» is offered. The exercises worked out on the base of the method of «Teaching through experience» are shown.

Tolerance: Approaches to the Problem

Article presents various approaches to the problem of tolerance: in context of special natural qualities of the personality, or assimilated into the educational process, as a characteristic of interpersonal relationships in small groups as a principle of social interaction within the framework of the philosophy of liberalism. Current methodological approaches to the problem are highlight.

Tolerance in the Intercultural Interaction: Epistemological Procedure of Reading

The content of the epistemological procedure of reading in the intercultural interaction is developed in the given paper, and cognitive mechanism of tolerance is revealed.

The Essential and Meaningful Characteristics of Cross-Cultural Value Orientations

The paper presents a study of the essence and the component mix of cross-cultural value orientations. The basic meaning of «cross-cultural  value orientations» is rather complicated. So the author explains the essence through the analysis of the elements of its component mix: culture, value, value orientations, cross-cultural interaction.