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Organization of Research Activities of Future Language Teachers in Foreign Countries

Artemenko Elena Viktorovna, Churapchinsky State Institute of Physical Culture and Sports

The article is devoted to the study of leading trends in the organization of research activities of future language teachers in foreign countries. General characteristics of innovative trends in foreign philological education are given and features of psychological, pedagogical, and linguistic training of future teachers of the native language and literature are highlighted. The expediency of using foreign experience in pedagogical universities of Russia is indicated. The author reveals the main vectors of US pedagogical education, which made it possible to compile an approximate generalized model of an American university graduate and to single out features of the organization of future Philology teachers' research activities at universities in Spain; national specifics of the educational system of France which is built on the basis of national linguistic cultural values. The author also considers organization of vocational training in Germany, whose leading principle is the unity of education and research. Finland's basic pedagogical education, the ultimate goal of which is to prepare an experienced future teacher is discussed. Much attention is paid to a system for organizing vocational training of future language teachers in Poland, which focuses on the development of language, linguistic and cultural competencies and thinking and communication skills. In the article, the researcher focuses on individualization and differentiation of training future teachers, development of their critical thinking, and formation of the ability to compare, analyze, observe, synthesize, and systematize in the process of preparing for research activities. It is concluded that in the current conditions, the research activity of students is filled with new relevant content and becomes one of the main factors in ensuring qualitatively new changes in the professional activity and the condition of their personal self-realization.


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