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Change in Subjectivity of the Teacher through the Lens of Research of the Best Practices for the Implementation of Multilevel Additional General Education Programs

Pilyugina Svetlana A., Saratov Regional Institute Development of Education

The article considers the subjectivity of the teacher as a complex structure that develops in the process of working out and implementing a multi-level additional general educational program. A description of the study of the best practices for the implementation of multilevel additional general education programs in the Saratov region is proposed: the methodology for studying the best practices, assessment criteria, and research results. The study of the subject, meta-subject, and personal results of students in the context of the implementation of multilevel additional general educational programs are shown. The subject results were evaluated by specific subject tests and questionnaires proposed in the programs by teachers of additional education; meta-subject results were evaluated on the basis of the methodology “Diagnostics of personal creativity” by E. E. Tunic (revealing the cognitive activity of the personality), methodology “Ability to self-management” (SSU test) by N. M. Peysakhova, and methods of V. F. Ryakhovsky's “Assessment of the level of sociability". Personal results were diagnosed on the basis of "Personal growth" by D. V. Grigoryeva, I. V. Kuleshov, P. V. Stepanova. Implementation of educational route was determined by its presence and possibility of the child's and parents' participation in its development. Students' achievements were determined by victories (and their number) in olympiads, contests, festivals at various levels (institutional, municipal, regional, federal, international).


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