Correlation of ideas about an asocial personality with the values of cadets of the National Guard of the Russian Federation

Introduction. The article is devoted to the study of the conditionality of subjective ideas about an asocial personality with a system of individual values of cadets. The study was conducted on the basis of the Saratov Military Order of Zhukov Red Banner order Institute of National Guard Troops of the Russian Federation. Theoretical analysis. From the middle of the twentieth century to the present day, a wealth of empirical material on this topic has been accumulated.

The agency of digital platforms: A value-based approach

Introduction. A lack of current approaches to the study of digital platforms is ignoring the internal logic of their functioning, which determines their social agency, as well as the value foundations of this agency. The aim of this work is a socio-philosophical analysis of the agency of digital platforms through the lens of the value approach. Theoretical analysis.

The Value Basis of the Society of Symbolic Consumption

The article is dedicated to consideration of values in a society of symbolic consumption. Changes in all spheres of society forces people to think about the value basis of their own life. The ethics of hoarding is replaced by the ethics of squandering, and it happens because of the spread of symbolic consumption. Symbolic consumption interacts with the moral sphere of social consciousness, creating new value structure. Therefore we must search personal identity in the space of a society.

Some Gender Differences of Happiness

The article discusses the different approaches the concept of happiness. Shows the results of studies of gender differences in the representation of happiness. On the basis of empirical research identified the descriptors that represent the concept of «male» and «female» happiness.

Theological education as a basic factor of socialization and the formation of value orientations in a dynamically changing society

In a dynamically changing society, the problem of the formation of value attitudes and the preservation of traditions is one of the main and paramount issues for the construction of social relations. State policy aimed at constructive interaction of various institutions responsible for socialization is a guarantee of the stability of social relations themselves. Considering education as the main institution of socialization, it is necessary to determine the difficulties and opportunities in the formation of value orientations of the younger generation and modern youth.

Social Axiological Rhizome: the Zone of Risk Escalation

This article analyzes the axiological situation of the modern society. The author believes that the axiological foundation of the modern society has lost features of the system, but continues to be a holistic formation, homogeneous in nature, which is evolving non-linearly in different directions without having a single centre and multiple in nature. The most appropriate name for such formation is taken from postmodern philosophy, i.e rhizome. Besides, the paper also postulates that axiological rhizome determines riskogenics of the modern society.

Culture Time in the Context of Valuable and Estimated Relation of the Person to the World

The article presents the process of cultural development as a continuous activity, in which the values are produced by the marketed value relevant to the world. Existential human self-determination through the material and the natural environment is shown in creating cultural forms: objects, images, concepts, relations, traditions, characters.

Formation of the National Culture-Educational Space: the Problem of the Inheritance of the Soviet Experience

In this article the analysis of the destination key point of the modern education is described and also the series of problems that take place in the national system of education and culture is disclosed. We pay attention to the role of the religion in the spiritual life of the society and we develop the problem of the ideological and spiritual content of the modern education. It is the formation of the national culture-educational space which is impossible without the rethinking of the positive and negative soviet experience that is underlined.

The Secular and the Religious Aspects in Modern Education

One of the peculiarities of modern communication is the desire to learn another culture not singling out its values, i.e. the qualitative characteristics of the modern world development is the unconditional priority of knowledge over traditions. Thus, the immanent aspiration of any culture to a dialogue is opposed to the actual running globalization. Modern globalization process is, first of all, the birth of the new social system, built on the domination of informational technologies.

Valuable Sistem of Modern Youth in the Conditions of Social Changes

Transformation of social representations, different social and individual changes highlights the issue of value-semantic relation to oneself and the world in the context of a person’s integrity and activity. It is emphasized that the era of modernity is characterized by the revision of established social norms, the revaluation of values. The article describes the value priorities of students, clarifies their nature and informative content, sex and age dynamics is determined, value types are indicated.