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Correlation of ideas about an asocial personality with the values of cadets of the National Guard of the Russian Federation

Introduction. The article is devoted to the study of the conditionality of subjective ideas about an asocial personality with a system of individual values of cadets. The study was conducted on the basis of the Saratov Military Order of Zhukov Red Banner order Institute of National Guard Troops of the Russian Federation. Theoretical analysis. From the middle of the twentieth century to the present day, a wealth of empirical material on this topic has been accumulated.

The agency of digital platforms: A value-based approach

Introduction. A lack of current approaches to the study of digital platforms is ignoring the internal logic of their functioning, which determines their social agency, as well as the value foundations of this agency. The aim of this work is a socio-philosophical analysis of the agency of digital platforms through the lens of the value approach. Theoretical analysis.

Healthy lifestyle: Philosophical dimension

Introduction. The article deals with the issue of “healthy lifestyle” as a multidimensional phenomenon that requires complexity in the research process, and also substantiates the need to overcome the limitations of private scientifi c methodology. Philosophical understanding of the problem of health and the phenomenon of a healthy lifestyle is carried out in the modern context of the development of knowledge. Theoretical analysis.

Forming graduate students’ vision regarding pedagogical activity of a classical university professor

In the introduction it is stated that forming graduate students’ readiness for pedagogical activity is based on the methodology of the post-non-classical science, which allows to use qualitative research methods aimed at interpreting opinions, standpoints, values of the actors as legitimate “data” and to define understanding of pedagogical activity’s specifics and the key trends in the development of higher education.