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Motivation of humanities students to learn foreign languages: Changes and trends

Introduction. In teaching foreign languages to Russian students there is a tendency of decreasing motivation in learning European languages because of changes in the geopolitical situation. The aim of the article is to analyze the dynamics of the changes in students’motivation to learn English at Petrozavodsk State University from 2019 to 2022. Theoretical analysis. A comparative analysis of Russian and foreign studies shows that low motivation to learn prevents students from achieving high results.

Relationship between Value System and Psychological Structure of Students' Initiative

The article presents the results of the research focused on students’
value system and initiative, including the significance of different groups of values for them. Psychological structure of initiative as a
personality trait; significance of abstract, concrete values and also
values of professional and personal self-realization; relationships
between the significance of the group of terminal values, contentsemantic
and instrumental-stylistic characteristics of initiative are

Model of Professional Readiness Formation of Soon-to-Be Life Safety Teachers in a Pedagogical University

The paper contains the evaluation of the results of the professional readiness formation process in the students of the Pedagogical University with educational program specialization in Life Safety. The procedure included evaluation to what degree they mastered theoretical knowledge and practical skills, as well as the level of development of their pedagogical abilities. Using the technique of professional readiness degree evaluation we estimate the level of respondents’ knowledge and skills by summarizing their marks for the chosen disciplines.

Psychology and pedagogical conditions of students information activity development

This article is devoted to the problem of students information activity development, determination of psyhological and pedagogical conditions when this process is supposed to be most succesful. The article characterizes this kind of psyhological and pedagogical conditions, reveals the importance of their use in the process of higher education institution improvement.

Notions of Students about Risks of Involvement of the Person in Criminal Activity: Focus-Group Research

The article presents the results of a focus group study of respondents’ submissions (university students) on the potential risks of involving a person in criminal activity in modern society. The judgments of the representatives of the target group were based on the experience of everyday life (one’s own, acquaintances and relatives) and information obtained from the mass media. The content of respondents’ social representations is structured in relation to social groups (adolescents, youth and adults) and the specific risks of accusing them of criminal activity.

Development of Professionally Significant Physical Qualities by Means of Physical Recreation of Students

The article substantiates the need to integrate general education and vocational training of specialists in higher education institutions by introducing self-study in physical recreation. The novelty of the research was that during physical education classes the teacher trained the female students of an experimental group to be able to use the opportunities of physical recreation for developing professionally significant physical qualities independently, without the interaction with the teacher.

The Problem of Future Teachers' Readiness to Use Health Preserving Technologies

The paper deals with the problem of developing in students of pedagogical universities readiness to improve schoolchildren’s health by means of physical culture. It is emphasized that deterioration in the health of the younger generation is a pressing issue nowadays. As “school risk factors” have strong negative influence on the health of schoolchildren, health preserving activity must become a responsibility of every teacher. The study is aimed at revealing readiness of teachers to use health preserving technologies during their lessons.

Results of the Development of the Economic Activity Inventory

The article represents the results of the development and verifying the express method for studying economic activity. As a result of theoretical analysis, four approaches to the study of economic activity were identified, one of which is purely psychological. In the framework of this approach, the definition of economic activity is formulated as the characteristic of a person, manifested in the level of intensity and initiative of the interaction with objects of economic reality (in the role of a consumer, entrepreneur, employee, borrower, investor, etc.).

Features of mental states of students in conditions of self-isolation on the eve of the session

The article is devoted to the problem of mental states of students, who are in conditions of self-isolation, before the examination session. The results of an ascertaining experiment conducted among students during the period of restrictive measures in May–June 2020 are presented, the sample consisted of 55 students, age – 19–22 years.

Characteristics of the reflexive component of students’ self-expression culture

Modern professional activity involves the active use of reflection by a person in order to find «points of growth» for the successful construction of his/her own career. Accordingly, the task of facilitating the development of students’ reflexive skills during the period of professional training by teachers is of particular importance. The article presents the authors' view on the solution of the problem, consisting in considering these skills as part of the reflective component of the students’ self-expression culture.