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Organizational culture

Correlation of Basic Structures of Literary Genres and Social Interaction Within the Framework of the Order Approach to the Social-Psychological Research of Organizational Culture

According to the comparative analysis of the order approach theoretical models and theory of anthropological dominants, the article presents and proves correlation (symmetry) between basic structures of three literary genres (epos, drama, lyrics) and three suborders («family», «army», «church»). There is a theoretical analysis of correlation between basic structures and content characteristics of literary genres and order models of social (managerial) interaсtion.

Comparative Diagnostics of Organizational Culture: Level of Top Management

In this article an experience of the results of comparative analysis of order diagnostics of organization culture at the level of top management is provided. In the considered case the data obtained in a work progress with the leader of organization and the official following the leader in system of organizational hierarchy are compared.

Comparative Analyses of Organizational Culture of International Cooperation Departments of Russian and American Universities

The article presents the results of comparative research of organizational culture of international cooperation departments of Russian and American Universities: University of Wyoming and Saratov State University. The purpose of the research is a detection of cultural similarities and distinctions at the level of university division leaders that are responsible for success of internationalization.

Methods of Managerial Team Sotering: Soteriogical Game «The Way of Hero» (Case Analysis)

This article presents experience of design, arrange and discussion of the soteriogical game «Way of Hero» as an element of the order training. The soteriogical game is one of the methods that is included into the order technology of organizational culture change. This case demonstrates potential for use of this method for diagnostics and change of ethic and semantic system of management team.

Authority in Sotering Context

In article the order concept of organizational culture which part is the technology sotering (a version of management therapy) is presented. Sotering gives new perusal of a phenomenon of authority as to ability of the leader to social creativity. Work with imperious function by means sotering assumes disclosing its psychological and ethical meanings influencing character of formation of organizational culture.

Organizational Culture of Educational Establishment in a Context of Representations about Innovation and Development Strategy

In article the data of empirical research of organizational culture of college are cited. An opportunities of transformation of organizational culture of college in a context of modernization of educational system are analyzed. The problems of diagnostics of organizational culture of college are discussed. The assumption of dependence of subjective interpretation of organizational culture’s current condition and organizational development strategy and representations of innovation strategy of the organization is proved.

Order Diagnostics of Organizitional Culture: Level of Managerial Team

The article introduces a new method for order diagnosis of organizational culture at the level of the management team. The method allows to assess the state of the organization’s management system as an integral part of the organizational and cultural system. The method is based on the management system model developed by O. S. Vikhansky and AI. Naumov. The model identifies three subsystems that are diagnosed using questionnaires in the selfassessment mode by members of the management team.

Ethical and Sense Bearing Codes of Organizational Culture

The article presents the results of the study of ethical and sense bearing codes of organizational culture in the framework of the order approach. The content of the concepts of ethical and sense bearing subsystem of culture, cultural program and ethical and sense bearing code of culture is revealed. There are a total of 46 participants in this study from two regional enterprises of Russian state corporations.

Diagnostics of Branch Types of Organizational Culture

The article presents the author’s method of diagnostics of branch types of organizational culture, developed on the basis of the branch model of organizational culture by T. Deal and A. Kennedy. The authors of the model identified four branch types of organizational culture – trading, speculative, investment, and administrative. The criteria for distinguishing between them were the speed of feedback and the degree of risk.