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Young People, Education, Labour Intellectualization: Trends and Contradictions

This article covers the analysis of the problem of the youth integration into the economical processes. Attention is focused on the labour intellectualization trend and new requirements presented by the people common market. The needs of the modern economy in the intellectual resources brought to forefront the criteria of the education, professional competence, creative potential.

The Social Functions of Intellectual Elites

Intellectual elites (intellectuals) are essential element of the social life making certain social functions: function of innovation; function of critics and selection of cultural resources; function of saving of tradition. The reproduction of the existing samples of behavior is an important mechanism of social development, the multiplication of those gives the pledge of the viability of the society. The mechanism of circulation of the intellectual elites is a reproduction through the system of post-graduated school.

The Reception of G. Tard's Views in Contemporary Social and Philosophical Discourse

The main idea of the article is attempt to trace and briefly state, on the basis of what preconditions in modern social and humanitarian knowledge, and in particular in specific social and humanitarian disciplines such as philosophy, sociology and anthropology, the revival of ideas and ways of conceptualizing social phenomena of Gabriel Tarda. The aim of the article is to provide the reader with some material on the fact that among representatives of modern anthropology there is a certain turn, or «return», to the so-called mimetic practices.

Dialogue of Church and State: Problem of Interpretation in Conservative Ideal and Political Philosophical Tradition and Political Theology of K. Shmitt

Traditionally, for many centuries, the dialogue between the Church and the state was characterized by a significant influence of the Church on all major spheres of social life in most countries of the Christian world. Revealing the theocratic foundations of the institutionalization of the value dialogue of the church and state in modern societies, the author focuses on clarifying the causes of the spiritual and moral crisis of Western civilization.

Supporting Innovative Activities of College Teachers

The article substantiates the urgency of supporting innovative activities development by secondary vocational education workers. The study is aimed at finding the causes of difficulties and justifying the support of innovative activities of teachers. Its purpose is also to determine the conditions and stages, and to identify the means of support. The scientific novelty of the article lies in the fact that a complex of organizational and pedagogical conditions that provide support for innovative activities is highlighted.

The Phenomenon of the «Creative Class» in the Social Space

Article discusses the phenomenon of the «creative class», which formation leads to a transformation in the structure of society. Representatives of the new class are considered from the social,  economic, personal and professional positions. Modern concept of creativity plays different from the traditional form of thinking. This makes it possible to increase the level of innovation development of society. Compares traditional and creative types of communities are considered their positive and negative features.