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Self-up of ICT Technologies as Means of Formation at the Future Bachelors Physical Education Professional Stability

The article is devoted to the problem of formation of professional stability of bachelors of physical culture through self-educational activity using information and communication technologies.

It is Possible, and Can you Teach Creativity?

The paper discusses the negative effects of modern technological civilization with the installation of the mastery of nature, its transformation into commodities, which leads to uncontrolled changes as the environment, infrastructure and human activities that adversely affect human life and conditions of existence. It retains the priority technological engineering solutions that are based on the traditional system of education.

To a Problem of a Parity of True and Creativity in a Context of Freedom

In  this  article  is  investigated  the  problem  of  a  parity  of  true  and  creativity.  It  is  shown,  that  interpretation  of  true  depends  on  character  of  understanding  and  realization  of  a  principle  of  freedom  which  mastering  is  a  necessary  condition  of  development  of  creative  potential  at  the  person. 

Phenomenology and Genealogy of Pedagogical Creativity

The article is dedicated to the analysis of the interrelation between the phenomenological and genealogical approaches used to bring to the surface the sources of the pedagogical creativity. It is the connection of learning with genealogical memory, art and poetry, myth and symbol that helps to overcome the cultural links gap between the generations and revive in pedagogy its real creative character.

Phenomenology as Methodology of Pedagogical Creativity

In this essay phenomenology is explored as a method of pedagogical creativity investigation. Phenomenological approach helps search for the latters source and natural ground of existence. The essay addresses pre-discourse models of upbringing and that provides the possibility of getting deeper into the original experience of existence, which makes phenomenology conterminal to genealogy and destruction.

She-Truth: The Experience of Female Gnoseologization

The article is an attempt to reconceive gnoseological symbol «She- Truth». She-Truth does not tempt philosophical mind, does not deprive it of Its creativity. She-Truth emancipates philosophical mind, gives it creative impetus and protects philosophers personality.

The Transformation of the Term of Labour in the Context of Postmaterial Values

The transformation of the relation of man to the labour is the effect of beginnings postmaterial values in postindustrial society. The charactestics of labour in the modern society: expansion of sphere of services, the beginnings of society of consumption, the informatization of human activity, the «capitalization» of man.

Degradation of Understanding and Socio-Mental Essence of the Person

The Person thinking, feeling, understanding, creative, poetic did not took place. The person reasonable and spiritual becomes the person intellectual, functioning. A basis of anthropological crisis makes «to escaping from thinking»: an identification of thinking and the got skills, understanding and operating, reason and mind.

The Idea of Problematic and Eidetic Cognition

In the center of the analysis is the phenomenon of problematicity in the process of evolution of rational structures of cognition, acting as a universal demand that characterizes the cognitive process; the relationship between rational and irrational levels of mastering the world in the form of eidetic cognition. The principle of problematicity is considered in the context of solving problems of scientific activity.

The Formation of Multiple Identities in the Digital Environment

This article discusses the development of the digital environment and the sphere of human activity associated with the qualitative transition to new forms of reflection. The author analyzes the formation of digital reality from the point of view of cultural and communication phenomena. The analysis of multiple identity and its interaction with the digital space is presented, actualizing the problems of control, transformation and modification of the identification processes.