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Chance in Nature: the One and the Multiple

Samoilova Olga Alexandrovna, Saratov State University

The article is devoted to some problems of modern natural science in
philosophical context of ontological categories «chance and necessity»,
«the One and the Multiple». Particularly, author examines problem of
existence of one world or multiple possible universes, constitution of
fundamental physical constants, set of conditions required for beginnings
and spread of life in the Universe. Duality of relations between
categories «chance» and «the One and the Multiple» is substantiated,
limitation of gnoseological competence in research of problem of
randomness or regularity of the Universe is proved. In the concluding
part of the article it’s said that the fundamental physical constants and
the laws of nature have constitution related to category of necessity,

life in the Universe is related to category of the Multiple and can require
spread of different and various environmental conditions.

Key words: 

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