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Chance in Nature: the One and the Multiple

The article is devoted to some problems of modern natural science in
philosophical context of ontological categories «chance and necessity»,
«the One and the Multiple». Particularly, author examines problem of
existence of one world or multiple possible universes, constitution of
fundamental physical constants, set of conditions required for beginnings
and spread of life in the Universe. Duality of relations between
categories «chance» and «the One and the Multiple» is substantiated,

The Problem of Freedom as the Known Accidental in the Framework of Regularities: Synergetic Analysis

Freedom in synergetics meaning was defined as a specific analogue of accidental, as a factor changing the ratio of evolutionary capabilities of the system. Freedom emerges only under the super- selection’s conditions that is under the control of the subject over the variety of forms of selection and ultimately over the course of social evolution. The problem of the article partly reduces to the position that causes the debates about the freedom on the issue of known accidental.

Indexes and Levels of Formed Necessity in Creative Activity of Students in the Process of Interactive Teaching

Creative activity and interactive teaching are important components of modern teaching process. The criterias and diagnostic parameters including levels, criterias and indexes which determining the degrees of formed necessity in creative activity of students of general education schools are suggested.