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Ecce Homo: Symbolic Implications of the Structure of Senses

Filimonova Olga Fedorovna, Saratov State Technical University

The article is devoted to the analyses of integral feelings and senses
of the man in conditions of the present-day social reality. Peculiarities
of psychological and spiritual state and actions of the man as the key
elements of the social experience are described, and symbolic basis
of their relation is revealed. Semantics, character and value intentions
of the status of ardour and possession in the man’s creative aspiration
and his actual efforts are studied. Discussion is conducted with
actualization of such concepts as social snobbery, resentment, hatred,
misanthropy, «clear» relations, self-destruction. Ideas and methods of
some sociological and philosophic (the post-modernist social theory,
risk society, network theory) theories and culturological conceptions
as well as literary images are used.


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