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Philosophical Approach to the Study of a Museum Exhibit

The article are examined issues phenomenology of the museum. The phenomenology of the museum is methodological approach in the philosophical analysis. Main subject of research is a museum exhibit for the study of which socio-philosophical approach is involved. In the article it is noted that the thing-exhibit is a necessary component of the cultural space of the museum. The author notes, that the thing of the institution of culture acquires an ontological status and own history.

The Axiological Aspect of Money Phenomenon

The problems of identifying the essence and definition of money, designation of various methodological approaches to the phenomenon in the context of modern domestic researches are considered in the article. The function of money extended beyond economic factors limits intensifies the existential-axiological component of the phenomenon. This allows us to refer to the axiological approach in the money phenomenon study.

Interrelation of Values and Characteristics of Self-Determination of Students Capital and Provincial High School

In this article discuss results of empirical research of interrelation values and characteristics of self-determination. It is shown similarity and distinction of valuable, interrelation of values and availability of students capital and provincial high school. Presents results of factorial (bifactorial decision) analysis of mind values system of high school students.

Education Community in Knowledge Based Economy Terms

In terms of knowledge based economy education community transfers from academic association to economic corporation. It works as business entity and involves in production, translation and distribution of a special product - the scientific knowledge. This knowledge can be successfully capitalized within a person. Special features and consequences of this transformation are examined in the article; special attention is paid to a new ethos of education community.

The Problem of Estimate in Philosophy and Science in XX Century

The subject of analytical research in this article (problem of estimate) in philosophy in XX century appears indissolubly connected with category «value» (the basic criterion at removal of estimated judgments). In estimate as in phenomenon the unity of value and the
personal sense, world social and individual values reveals. By means of estimation acts the knowledge, representation consciousness of essence of values (as things) valuable life is carried out. An estimation ? one of the ways of actualization of value actually. Estimation is

Risk and Life-space of Person

Article is devoted to analysis of risk, life-space of the person and researching of correlation among the concept of risk and the concept of life-space of the person. Author argues that the person is a valuable subject, manifesting itself in a space-time continuum. Person is initially free and open and designs itself in creative act. Risk offers as potentially failed event. Consequently, risk becomes basic characteristic of the person. That shows person’s openness and ability to self-designing.

The World: Value and Power

The article focuses on ontological meaning of different economic strategies, which constitute a key for fundamental ontology of XXth century notion of worldness (Weltlichkeit) of the world by M. Heidegger.

Value Relation and Cognition

The article is devoted to the consideration of the ontological meaning of the concept of «value relation» in the process of cognition. The scientific novelty of the research consists in substantiating the methodology of a holistic consideration of the problem of the role and place of the value relation in the system of bases of scientific cognition. This methodology assumes the consideration of social, historical and epistemological factors and allows us to consider the development of science in connection with the values of the dominant scientific paradigm.

Spirituality as a Basis of Morality and Patriotism in a Modern Russian Society

The article considers the dialectical correlation between patriotism, morality and spirituality. Spirituality is interpreted as the main condition and basis of all moral qualities and abilities of the human being, including patriotism. In comparison with patriotism as a spiritual quality of the person, spirituality looks like a transcendental condition of personal existence, which allows us to interpret it more fundamental and, therefore, primary phenomenon.

Philosophy as a Way to Yourself

The article is devoted to the analysis of the problem of philosophical thinking for the modern worldview of man. The reasoning is based on the consideration of philosophy as a form of spiritual culture along with science, art and religion. The article deals with the problem of the relevance of philosophical knowledge for the present. The aim is to determine the role and place of philosophy in the system of interaction between the individual and society.