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Technologization of Society as the Factor of Sociocultural Changes

The article considers the main processes of technologization of the modern society as a fundamental cause of value and sociocultural changes in public life. The author also describes the changes in the value transformation of society, focusing on the relationship between social, cultural and industrial-technogenic changes. The society is considered by the author as a heterogeneous object from the dynamic point of view, different subsystems of which develop at different speeds.

The Essential and Meaningful Characteristics of Cross-Cultural Value Orientations

The paper presents a study of the essence and the component mix of cross-cultural value orientations. The basic meaning of «cross-cultural  value orientations» is rather complicated. So the author explains the essence through the analysis of the elements of its component mix: culture, value, value orientations, cross-cultural interaction.

The value and semantic meaning of the Motherland in A. S. Panarin’s book “Orthodox civilization in the global world”: A philosophical analysis

Introduction. The article examines the book by A. S. Panarin “Orthodox civilization in the global world” as a source of understanding the essence of the Motherland, its place in the system of values. The relevance of addressing this issue is obvious in connection with the changes taking place both in Russia and in the world, the need to overcome the crisis and implement a different model of development based on objective values. Theoretical analysis. The appeal to the work of A. S.