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Migratory Processes in a Socio-philosophical Discourse: from Ecology to Culture

In article migrations as a special form of the social dynamics implying spatial movement of individuals or social groups are considered. The author pushes the key principles determining need of the social and philosophical analysis of migrations namely – complexity and complexity of migratory processes, and also their transformation throughout history of a development of humanity in connection with change of the dominating configurations of social space.

Internal Challenges of Russia in the Context of Interaction «Urban ?Rural»

The article deals so internal challenges to Russia, as a demographic problem, the deformation of national identity and leakage of human capital. They considered as interrelated phenomena, which are manifestations of certain global processes that have an objective basis. Using information theory of dynamical systems to build a system of interrelated categories describing these processes, and based on homeostatic modeling examines the specifics of their manifestation in the city and the countryside.

The Study of the Peculiarities of Economic-Psychological Adaptation of Ethnic Migrants

The results of empirical study of economic-psychological adaptation of migrants under new conditions of life are shown in the article. The article gives rise to the development of the following idea: the position of socially required behavior is typical for ethnic migrants who are involved into the economic activities in Penza region. This position causes difficulties for the process of economicpsychological adaptation.


Russian Immigrants' Personal Self-Actualization and Subjective Well-Being

The article represents results of empirical research of the interrelation between Russian immigrants' personal self-actualization and subjective well-being. Detailed results based on a sample of Russians who migrated, and Russians who live in Russia are provided. Common and particular interrelations between personal self-actualization and subjective well-being are highlighted. Also the features typical for persons living in Russia, Germany, USA and Spain are considered. 

Eurasian Migration: Mechanisms and Principles of the Global Migratiosphere

The article focuses on Eurasian migration processes, seen in the context of three migration models, as well as their impact on demographic and sociocultural dynamics. The actual problematization of the article is to determine the relationship between the phenomenon of migration and the demographic crisis on the continent. The author sets a goal to find common ground between various migration models in the search for ways of overcoming the demographic crisis. To solve the problem, comparative and systems approaches were applied.

Proactive coping strategies as a factor of choice satisfaction in a migration decision-making situation

Introduction. Understanding the mechanisms of decision-making on labor migration is an urgent problem due to the involvement of an increasing number of able-bodied Russian citizens in migration processes. The purpose of the study is to determine the relationship between proactive coping strategies and satisfaction with the choice in the situation of making a decision on labor migration; substantiation of the mediative infl uence on this relationship of perceiving the situation of making a decision on migration as stressful. Theoretical analysis.