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Статья  посвящена критике современной концепции «толерант-
ности».  Исследуется  дискурс  о  толерантности  как  средство 
власти,  выявляются  негативные  последствия  идеологии  «по-
литкорректности».  Идея  «толерантности»  стала  программой, 
которая  агрессивно  внедряется  в  сознание  объектов  идеоло-
гического воздействия с целью уничтожения ментальных основ 
сопротивления гегемонии западной цивилизационной модели. 
Концепция  толерантности  используется  как  механизм  подав-

The Institutional Person and the Order of Society: Plato-Aristotle's Tradition and Modern Democracy

The paper is devoted to considering the philosophical heritage of Plato and Aristotle touching upon the problems of the institutional person as a representative of the community of people. The dominating influence of culture and the education of society on the essence of the established owner of moral and intellectual properties is fixed. Special attention is also paid to disclosing the quality of its functional coordination with the habit of society regarding the concrete ruling regime.

Politics as a Sphere Where Ideologies Exploit the Social Myths

The article considers the political sphere as a space of social mythology objectification. The state acts as a mediator smoothing of the social contradictions with the help of ideologies, which are based on certain social myths. Exploitation of social myths by ideologies makes it easier to influence social consciousness. Each state through the prevailing ideology (which may exist in its formal or informal way) is implementing a specific development program thus exploiting the myth or set of myths.

Philosophical Perception of Ideology in Contemporary Society

This article’s objective is to comprehend which place ideology takes in the liberal capitalistic society. Ideology plays the role of the social organization and social self-organization mechanism which has been historically established. The author descripts its essence, substance and social functions along with cognizing the notion of an individual freedom. Liberal capitalistic ideology is characterized with a tendency to freedom and free enterprise according to mass media.

The Ideological Aspects of the Everyday Life of Society

The article is devoted to the notion of ideology and its role in the everyday life practices of everyday life. It was determined that the theoretical basis of ideology was the idea of sample, the formation of which has a The mental, national and spiritual traditions have the significant impact for the formation of its theoretical basis. The main factor contributing to the development of ideological offers includes daily existence, in which the testing takes place ideological and development of the main aspects of the ideology such as the ideas, norms and values.

The Conflict and the Order in Civilization Structures

The author analyzes the conflicts of civilizations in this article. The Author considers the reasons of these conflicts that are created value.
The value of one civilization disagrees with the value of other civilizations. At the end of article he draws a conclusion. The problem
of civilization’s conflicts has to be studied together with modern global problems and problems of modernizations. 

Ideological Violence and Formation of the Global Social Order

Everyone ideological acts as the form of violence over the person, and not only in a context of totalitarianism. Democracy though also it is accepted to oppose with it to totalitarianism as uses means of ideological violence, only in a little bit other forms. As a result of the updating of thinking made under influence of ideology, change not only political, not only its social characteristics, it changes on anthropological, even, on physiological levels. At the same time, crisis of ideology as system is observed.

Philosophic Analysis of Advertisement as the Semiotic System

The article analyzes by the method of semiotic the mechanisms of generation the sense into the advertisement in the contemporary post-industrial society. In today’s world the function of advertisement goes far beyond its initial aim of informing about goods and service. 

Media Space: Socio-Philosophical Analysis

The purpose of this article is to analyze various approaches to studying the problems of media space in modern society, as well as the definition of clear common characteristics attributed to media space in various theories of media in social philosophy.

Review of the Book: Papayani F. A. The Imperial Future of Russia / Confrontation of Ideological Projects of the 19th – 21st Centuries

Russian space of 19th – 21st centuries turned into a tough field of opposition of ideological projects. Each project claims the status of a basic factor in shaping the outlook of the people who influence the present and future of Russia. The key idea of the monograph is ideology as the moral and ethical canon of human behavior and the power and political regulation of society.