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Overcoming Stress Students with Different Levels of Hardiness

A group of schoolchildren (N = 107) with different levels of hardiness use strategies to cope with stress in different ways. Group of victims of the destructive orientation characteristic coping strategies, they avoid action, they use play or social role of the victim. For victimization of the group and the group with a medium level of hardiness of the dominant strategy is avoiding. Based on the identified features need to be organized psychological work with all groups of students.

Expert Research of Tolerance of Senior Pupils to Different Social and Age-related Categories

Authorial methodology of expert research of tolerance is presented as subjective attitude toward «another», including scales «Collaboration» (active acceptance), «Liking» (passive acceptance), «Tolerance» (passive non-acceptance) and «Aggression» (active non-acceptance). Every scale includes emotional, cognitive, practical and active components. «Another» is examined as totality of appearance, behavior, culture and ideology.

Influence by the Needs and the Motivational Sphere of the Identity of the High School Student on Readiness for Training in Higher Education Institution

In the article the problem of motivational influence of high school students on their readiness for training in higher education institute is considered. The results of the study of professional motives of high school students, their emotional attitude to the process of teaching are described. The author gives the structure of motivation of educational activity which helps to orient in the question of differentiation of the motives of teaching of high school students.