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Статья посвящена рассмотрению эмоционально-ценностного отношения к нравствен-
ности и ответственности у представителей шести социальных групп. Особое внима-
ние  уделяется  вопросу  идентификации  категориального  статуса  нравственности  и 
ответственности, занимающих уникальное место в системе человеческих ценностей. 
Аргументируется правомерность рассмотрения ценностей и ценностных ориентаций 
личности в качестве базовых компонентов нравственного сознания. Автор высказыва-

It is Possible, and Can you Teach Creativity?

The paper discusses the negative effects of modern technological civilization with the installation of the mastery of nature, its transformation into commodities, which leads to uncontrolled changes as the environment, infrastructure and human activities that adversely affect human life and conditions of existence. It retains the priority technological engineering solutions that are based on the traditional system of education.

Assumption in the Situation of Control of Traumatic Circumstances

In this article we write about the results of the realization of psychological context of people's life after losing sight, particularly about their choice of coping-strategy and taking on responsibility for their own life.

Formation at the Future Managers the Responsible Relation to Acceptance of Administrative Decisions

Article is devoted consideration of theoretical aspects of a problem
formations at the future managers of the responsible relation
to acceptance administrative decisions. The analysis of essence of
concepts «decision-making» is carried out, «responsibility», «the
respon sible relation to acceptance of administrative de ci sions» on which
basis the structure of the responsible re lation to acceptance of
administrative decisions is defined, conditions of formation at the
future managers are revealed.

Professional Success of a Teacher: A Theoretical Analysis of the Concept and Development Opportunities in the System of Additional Professional Pedagogical Education

The article is devoted to the consideration of the problem of professional success of the teacher. The urgency of the problem is determined by the specifics and trends in the development of the socio-professional space, which requires from the teacher to be ready to actualize personal and professional advantages in the conditions of the modern socio-cultural environment and in accordance with the requirements imposed on the teacher’s professional functionality.

Freedom and Responsibility in the Context of Consciousness Evolution: Synergetic Analysis

The main subject of the article includes the characteristics of the evolution of consciousness and culture in general from the standpoint of the synergetic philosophy of history exploring the evolution of complex socio-cultural systems, the processes of selforganization at the phenomena level (non-equilibrium, bifurcation) and at the level of essence (selection, super-selection).

From The Gift of Others to the Gift for Others: A Socio-Cultural Aspect of Giftedness

The article presents the results of theoretical reflection of the “giftedness” construct, which is currently not only included in the field of priority areas of scientific research, but also meets the needs, demands and challenges of a rapidly changing modern society. The basic concepts that operate on the concept of “giftedness” are analyzed, and three groups of approaches to the study of giftedness are conditionally identified: personality-centered, socially-oriented, and culturally-oriented.

Responsibility as a quality of personality: Essence, formation, significance

The article discusses the significance of responsibility in providing safety of the environment surrounding the person. The problem is caused by the contradiction between the human need for security and impossibility in many cases to satisfy it because of inadequate fulfilment of the duties by employees. The purpose of the article is to outline the ways of solving this contradiction by pedagogical means. The methodological basis of the research is systematic, activity-based, and subject-subject approaches.

Singular and Plural: Postmetaphysical Aspect

The article deals with the reception of traditional notions in contemporary philosophy. The transformation of singular and plural in philosophy of G. Deleuze, J. Derrida, J.-L. Nancy, A. Badiou is analyzed. The author draws a conclusion that the relation between singular and plural is problemizing in postmetaphysical philosophy and realization of the impossibility of their opposition takes place. 

Responsibility Problem in Activity Administrative Shots

The article is devoted consideration of theoretical aspects of a problem responsibility in activity of administrative staff. The essence analysis is carried out concept «responsibility» which basis on maintenance and structure of this phenomenon are defined.