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социокультурная адаптация


В  статье  рассматривается  процесс  адаптации  иностранных 
студентов,  проживающих  на  территории  Российской  Феде-
рации.  Определяются  уровень  и  доминирующий  тип  социо-
культурной адаптации, выявляется степень социальной фру-
стрированности  и  копинг-стратегии  иностранных  граждан, 
проживающих в России. Особое внимание уделено изучению 
копинг-стратегий иностранных студентов, проживающих в ус-
ловиях  добровольной  миграции,  выявляются  адаптационный 

The Script Adaptation of Foreign Students in Russia

The article presents the results of theoretical reflection and empirical research of sociocultural adaptation of foreign students, who studing in universities of Saratov. Proposed the construct of “script adaptation”, involving a project of action of the individual, aimed at its adaptation to new sociocultural conditions.

Copying Strategies and Attitude to the World in Voluntary Emigration

The article considers the problem of sociocultural adaptation of voluntary emigrants through the prism of stress-related behavior and the specifics of their attitude to the world. Specific features of coping strategies and characteristics of the external and internal world of Russian citizens living abroad in the United States, Britain, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Austria (N = 70) are determined. It was revealed that women in voluntary emigration more often than men use the strategy of seeking social and emotional support.

Studying Russian as a foreign language at a technical university in the aspect of a culturally-oriented approach

Introduction. The article deals with the issue of studying the Russian language as a foreign language in a technical university in the aspect of a culturally oriented campaign. Theoretical analysis of the material on this issue allows us to note the relevance of this study and formulate a conclusion about the need to use a culturally oriented approach in a technical university, thanks to which foreigners can be adapted to a foreign-language socio-cultural environment.