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Kinds of Involvement of the Personality in Criminal Activity

Romanova Natalia Mikhailovna, Saratov State University

The article describes the main provisions of the author’s approach
to the analysis of problems involving the individual in criminal activity. The phenomenon is seen to involve both the process and
the result. The author suggests a classification of the individual determinants
of involvement in criminal activities: external, internal and
integrated. External determinants of the involvement of the individual
in criminal activity are considered in terms of the presence of foreign
forces – involving person. Domestic determinants suggest a process
of self-determination of the criminal behavior of the subject. Complex
determinants presented one interaction in the person – a small social
group (the informal group of asocial; legally valid criminal group). The
functions of the involvement of their content, the variety, the conditions
of implementation. The proposed classification model involving the
individual in criminal activity contributes to the understanding of the
psychological nature of criminal behavior.


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