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Severity of Cognitive Needs and Specificity of Inter-level Connections in the Structure of Integrated Individuality of Students of High School

Belykh Tatiana Viktorovna, Saratov State University

The article presents the results of a study, whose purpose is to study the relationship of severity of cognitive needs with the different level indicators in the structure of integrated individuality of students. Was used correlation analysis, which revealed the inter-level dependence psychodynamic, personal, socio-psychological properties in correlation with the severity of cognitive needs and self-efficacy of the individual. It was revealed that the severity of the cognitive needs of the individual determines the substantial differences in the nature of inter-level connections in the structure of integrated individuality. It was found that the socio-deterministic factors have a significant impact on the character of intra differences in relationships with the same severity of cognitive needs. Regardless of attitudes have been developed with respect to its own success, and cognitive needs are interrelated with high dynamic intellectual plasticity and stamina, and provides the essential psychological resource at the level of the individual (biologically deterministic properties). Recognition of this fact allows us to focus developing psycho-educational programs, primarily at changing the belief system of the individual on the value of the image «I», and thus ensure its successful self-realization in educational and professional activities.


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