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Changes of Marine Education Content in Connection with Military Reforms in Russia in the 1860s-70s

Delvig Natalya Andreevna, Sevastopol State University

The period of the second half of the 19th century is described as the period of significant changes in almost all spheres of social and political life. The reforms of 1860-70es stimulated capitalist relationship, fortifying the defensive potential of the state and influencing directly the change of military educational concept. Thus, the article examines the influence of political and military reformations of the 1860–70ies on the development of marine education in Russia. The article substantiates the influence of significant historic events on the process of modernization of military education contents in educational establishments of various levels, as well as increasing the effectiveness of teaching and upbringing process. The realization of research tasks was achieved on the basis of the following methodological approaches: a systematic approach that allows to obtain complete information about the change in the contents of education; a theory of social conditioning of marine education, that makes it possible to identify socio-pedagogical conditions for upbringing and educating future naval officers; the psychological and pedagogical concept of activity that plays the dominating role in the process of creating the personality of the future naval officer. As a result of the analysis it is possible to conclude that in the reviewed period, in order to prepare qualified seamen, radical actions were taken to optimize military marine specialists training and education, taking into consideration the requirements of technical progress as well as their high social status.


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