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Communication Processes in Social Systems Through the Prism of the Paradigm of Complexity

Piloto Rodriguez Javier A., Kazan Federal University

This article is focused on the results of the study of social systems based on the principles of the Complexity Paradigm.Our research task is focused on the analysis of communication processes in social systems. Our objective is to study their way of functioning of the parameters which we find in “a human” type of social systems. As a theoretical and methodological foundation, we use the Complexity paradigm, and we also rely on the Complex Discourse Analysis that was obtained as a result of our previous studies. The results of this work introduce a new approach to a group of characteristics and development dynamics present in communication processes and systems.The conclusions set out in the article fix the paradigmatic transformations in the study of human communication systems, caused by the penetration of the category of Multi-complexity, which serves here as the adapter of the paradigm of the complexity, in the research space of the social sciences.


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