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The Dialogic Structure of Artistic Reflection

Darensky Vitaly Y., Far Eastern Federal University

This article is devoted to analysis of dialogic dimensions of art as an essential phenomenon in artistic experience of contemporary man. The concept of «dialogue» is analyzed to be the fundamental principle of the relation of a person with art. The concept of «artistic reflection» is considered as a key to problem of the dialogic interpretation of artistic work. Phenomenon of artistic dialogue is interpreting here as a unity of individual and common in artistic experience. The author also promises the conception of essential levels of this dialogue as a factor of personal development. The author promises the conception of basic levels of «artistic language», which are defined as a image, symbol and artistic mythos. In article new understanding of essential specific of universal artistic forms of human experience and worldview is offered. The fundamental specifics of artistic conception of human being is defined as a growing of sense in artistic «image of world». Thus, only artistic conception of human being enables to consider every single event of life as the unique which is inwardly integral and has its own special sense in worldview context.

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