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The Transformation of Concepts about Space and Time in the Classical Philosophy and Science

Bugrova T. I., Saratov State University

The aim of this work is to determine the features of the development of concepts of space and time in philosophy and science that could in the future perspective reveal the principles of transformation of the philosophical categories in the categories of science. In the article is analyzed the content of the categories of space and time in the classical philosophy and science. The author considers the basic ontological concepts of the Renaissance and Early modern period, compares and analyzes the characteristics of the models of space and time. Also the investigation focuses on the relationship of understanding categories of «space» and «time» with other ontological categories, analyzes the features of their interaction. The study reveals stable trends to desacralization of understanding of considered categories, their notional „expansion“, increase of relativism in space-time concepts, and their dependence upon the philosophical content of other ontological categories, such as movement, development, etc.

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