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Value Determination of Coping-Behaviour Construction the Students of the University

Belyakov A. E., Saratov State University

The subject areas of the article are valuable formations of university students as personal resources of coping behavior in difficult situations of social interaction. Interrelationship of these mental formations of personality is the purpose of the study, carried out by the author. Empirical research tools were the methods of diagnostics system of value orientations personal by E. B. Fantalova and coping test by R. Lazarus. The study identifies indicators of value management of coping behavior of high school students and suggests that integrative functions of valuesemantic system of University students of elementary courses personality did not have sufficient regulatory capacity, focused on defining the problem and productivity strategies to overcome difficult situations of social interaction and to achieve the goal. Results of the research allow defining the actual tasks of educational, corrective and advisory practices.

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