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the determination

Value Determination of Coping-Behaviour Construction the Students of the University

The subject areas of the article are valuable formations of university students as personal resources of coping behavior in difficult situations of social interaction. Interrelationship of these mental formations of personality is the purpose of the study, carried out by the author. Empirical research tools were the methods of diagnostics system of value orientations personal by E. B. Fantalova and coping test by R. Lazarus.

Value-Motivational Determination of Behaviour of the Individual

The subject areas of the article scientific materials are the functional characteristics of the value and motivation of individual adolescents and youth with deviant behavior. Identification of these characteristics is the purpose of a study carried out by the author. The empirical research tools are the methods of «Diagnostics system of value orientations of personality» by E. B. Fantalova and «Polimotivational trends in diagnostics of ego-conception of personality» by S. M. Petrova.