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Reconstruction of the temporal foundations of everyday thinking in phenomenological sociology of A. Schutz

Somova Oksana Andreevna, Saratov State University

Introduction.The article is aimed at identifying the problematic place of temporal foundations of everyday life, formulated in the framework of phenomenological sociology. The concept of everyday life outlined by A. Schutz is based on the conceptual provisions of E. Husserl’s philosophy about the inner consciousness of time and A. Bergson, who distinguished the refl exive self and the vital unity of conscious processes. Theoretical analysis.The author reveals the thesis that the correlation between the past and the present is the basis of everyday thinking and, together with spatial proximity, forms the area of the typical. The temporal sequence of the elements of the typifi cations chain is expressed in an assumed relation to the world, where the occurrence of an event leads to a calculated result. The horizon of contemporaries plays a key role in the everyday cognitive attitude, in which the correlation of subjective and objective times takes place, which means a close connection between the everyday cognitive attitude and objective knowledge. Everyday thinking is intertwined with the intersubjective world of social reality and transcends the limits of everyday inter action. Conclusions. The mechanism of functioning of everyday life identifi es knowledge and freedom, therefore, it has an all-encompassing character of ordering knowledge and extends to the areas of scientifi c and creative thinking too.

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