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Developing potential of undergraduates‘ research work organization: Experience of systemic reflection

Balakireva Ekaterina Igorevna, Saratov State University
Evdokimova Elena G., Saratov State University
Kurchatova Natalya Yurievna, Saratov State University

Introduction. The modern stage of education development brings to the fore an individual approach to students, which, of course, is facilitated by the organization of their project and research activities. The relevance of research activities is obvious, because it aims to acquire students’ functional research skills as a universal way of mastering reality. This is facilitated by increased motivation for learning activities and activation of the student’s personal position in the educational process, the basis of which is not only the acquisition of subjectively new, independently acquired knowledge that is new and personally significant for a particular student, but also their understanding of each stage of work based on reflection. Theoretical analysis The article presents the experience of systematic reflection on the process of scientific and research work organization of SSU undergraduates studying in the field of psychology and pedagogy when reflecting on their own potentials and significance of their research work as a mechanism of their activity manifestation. Developing potential of undergraduates‘ research work organization is revealed as strengthening their research work engagement and formation of their research position. Conclusion. Consideration of the problem of the organization of systemic reflection among undergraduates revealed increased activity and effectiveness both in research activities and when defending the final qualifying work.

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