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Socialism vs Christianity: Ideological reasons for the confrontation

Novikov Ivan Alexandrovich, Krasnodar Cooperative Institute

Introduction. The object of research carried out in the article is the consciousness of modern society, which is an internally contradictory conglomerate, including both Christian and anti-Christian moments. The subject of the study is the religious content of the socialist program for the reorganization of society. The methodological basis of the study is the works by Russian authors, who are defined as representatives of Russian religious philosophy. Theoretical analysis. Socialism is an alternative to Christianity religious position (not a doctrine, since it does not recognize itself as a religion, but a position) which is specified by the fact that it is a rebellion against God. Socialism does not deny God (that is why it rebels against Him), but it denies religion, the connection between God and a man, its forms and content, and claims to create its own surrogate religion. Whereupon socialism must be qualified as anti-Christianity, but not as atheism. The essence of the socialist “religion” is disappointment in man, denial the right of a man to freedom as a result, and the assertion of the need for total control by society and the state over a man and people. Conclusion. The religion can be denied only by the religion. Therefore the ideology of socialism that denies Christianity must be qualifiedas a religion sui generis.

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